Port Comodo firfewall to Linux - at least the "training/behaivoral" pat and HIPS

Port Comodo firfewall to Linux - at least the “training/behaivoral” part and HIPS.

IP-tables in Linjux is just the “foundation” principles for a built0in firewall…But, have anyone ever tried to configre a firewall in linux???

its very hard…and…its not behcaicoreal based…so, it wont be good.

Comodo should - as a minimum (in case linux market is not deemed ficnancially intersting) - then at least port the “training part” for behaivoral firewall to Linjux as well as HIPS.

That would really make groundbreaking product for linux - with very small manpower/cost.

IF that is even too expensive - then at least make sure that Comodo Fireall can run flawlessly with Linux software "compability laye"r called “wine” -

see http://www.winehq.org/

as it is now then Comodo cant be installed fully using Wine - and probably 2 days of coding would solve that issue.