port closing

I had wireless service installed by TW. Immediately after, GRC scan said port 22 is open. TW will not close, and all of my research has turned up nothing in terms of how to close it. I did not open it for any reason. I know it allows remote connections to my laptop and the funny thing is, it is open on my desktop, too!
Any help on how to close port, and what might be the reason for it being open?

Hi, who is tw?
Possibly it’s a modem/router configuration issue, what did they install?

Time Warner they installed wireless modem / router -ambit

Hi, this is a shot in the dark without knowing specific model ect.
http://www.ubeeinteractive.com/user-guides/U10C019-U10C020_End_UserGuide_1.6-2009-02-20.pdf page 31 to 34 may give you some help.

Thank you! I think this will help alot.