Port Blocking


Something is blocking port 119 so most NNTP wont work. System is XP SP3, comodo is v4, also running avast 5. Not sure if its comodo . How do I check what ports are blocked by comodo?



works just fine here…

To check simply go to:

  1. open comodo to screen
  2. Firewall > Advanced > ‘Network Security Policy’
  3. find the news software you are using
  4. check that it has:
    Allow - TCP - Out
    and the ideal would be:

Any(Source), ‘news server ip address’(Destination), Any(Source), (119, 443(SSL), 563(SSL))(destination)

To test you can simply (after the news software is running and connected):

use utorrent port tester to verify the port is open (ports won’t activate unless taken on use by routers/modems etc etc), if the port is still closed by this point. Then I would search the problem else where (like router or modem configurations NAT + Firewall forward or that UPNP or DMZ is functioning correctly).