Port 80

Is port 80 dangerous?
If yes how do I deal with it.

Na… I dont think so, its a standard port.
Used a lot by the browser.

It totally depends on what software is trying to connect with it.

If a wierd unknown application that you never heard off or a application that you don’t trust tries to connect with port 80 (or any port for that matter) click deny when Comodo asks if you want to allow the connection.
Also It may be a good idea to set your firewalls alert setting to HIGH, then you will be able to easily block softwares from accessing different ports.

No port is “safer” than the other, but some people may scan your system for open ports to find out what softwares your “probably” running. And try to get access by using known vulnerabilities in your software(s).
Try to keep your softwares up to date.
That helps keep you protected too!

Here are two nice programs to keep your software up2date

Comodo Vulnerability Analyzer

Secunia Personal Inspector