Port 48306 and uTorrent Issues

Hi all

I really love the Comodo Firewall and the fact that it’s free, but I have the following trouble:

uTorrent client [www.utorrent.com] says that my port 48306 is closed and doesn’t allow other peers to connect to me. I tried several times, even by adding the uTorrent as a trusted application, granted all activities for this application, but still no luck - the prot is closed. When I switch Comodo Firewall to "Allow ALl’ of course, everything runs smoothly - the port is now open. But that exposures my a** to the world of non-friendly people… :slight_smile: Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.
You have to set up a network rule for apps like uTorrent. Network monitor works like a router, so you have to forward ports in there.
First you need to set up uTorrent to NOT use random port and also disable UPnP. Write in your port 48306 and click ok. Close uTorrent.
Go to network monitor and right click the top rule and add/add before.
Now make a rule like this.
Action : Allow
Protocol : TCP or UDP
Direction : In
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Any
Source Port : Any
Destination Port : A single port : 48306
Click ok.
Restart the firewall.
Open it again and open uTorrent and it should work.
Hope this helps.

Comodo didnt even acknowledge uTorrent when I installed it. It just lets it run although it says NOT connectable. Even so I get good speeds. I must admit it is a bit worrying that Comodo does let it run without having any rule set for it. Makes me wonder if Comodo is protecting it.

uTorrent is a trusted app by Comodo.
If you want popups for everything you can go to security/advanced/misc and uncheck “do not show alerts for apps certified by Comodo”.

You can also raise the “alert frequency slider”, if you want even more popups.

i’ve read that for better speed a good port for uTorrent should be between 50000-59999 range and it’s true it works much faster! i use 53496 but you can click the random button several times and apply when a valid port is found and this range.

What I dont understand is why some people need your rule for uTorrent, and some dont seem to. Would it be more secure for me to put your rule into Comodo.

i should add about uTorrent :

  • No need to allow invisible connection attempts.
  • No need to skip advanced security checks.

I would like to know also why there is a need to make a specific rule for uTorrent (why it doesn’t work if the port is random) I guess uTorrent is more paranoid than others firewall but i’m curious to know what it checks… well about uTorrent it works the first time but if you quit the application AND go offline (hang up your provider) the next time if you want to open it again and connect it will not work well anymore : very slow transfert and sometimes difficulties to have private torrent tracker authentification!

You can’t open a port in CPF and have a random port in uTorrent! TURN OFF RANDOM PORT IN uTorrent! Set a manual port in uTorrent and the same port in CPF.