Port 445 Netbios[Resolved]

Hi I am new to this forum, i have joined because i have just updated my Comodo firewall to the latset version, I must say I am finding it a bit difficult to understand, and being 68 with poor eyes fins the system tray icon difficult to see…however I will keep trying.
I have just been to GRC.com and tested my ports ofr stealth, I find that Port 445 is wide open ( replaces the old netbios ports). How can I close port this in the firewall.

Any help gratefully received. (:NRD)

Hey there and welcome to the forums (:HUG),

Are you using a hardware firewall, if so you should read this

Hi Guys,

Before taking this particular test, be sure to have you’re “Hardware Firewall” properly configured. If you’re not sure you have a Firewall, Check the manufactures site or contact them. It would help alot if we know or don’t know you have a Hardware Firewall, and it is properly configured for these particular tests.

All questions or concerns can be asked here. This topic is also for help for configuring Hard ware Firewalls, etc.


If you’re not using it, have you run the stealth port wizard ?


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Thanks for the speedy reply…no I do not have a hardware firewall, just Comodo Sorry to appear dumb but I cannot find the Stealth port wizard will you be good enough to point me in the right direction?


Open up Comodo. Go to the Firewall tab. Then click Stealth Port Wizard. Select the option to block all incoming connections.

Many thanks I am grateful…445 now stealthed


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