Port 443?

How do I make stealthy/close port 443?
I know it’s a HTTPS port. I am just wondering if there is a way to make the port

Can you please explain what you are trying to accomplice here, I’m a bit lost.
Do you run a web server on SSL ?

Or are you getting incoming connection requests on that port?

No to both.
Just ran a GRC,com shields-up test and port 443 was the only port “open”.

Do you have a router??

Yes. Direct connect. Ethernet.

It’s highly likely that your router configured to be managed over the internet.
Please consult it’s manual to disable that feature.

And just to be clear here, what is the exact address that Shields Up! reported it was testing? Did that address match EXACTLY your network connection adapter’s IP address or did it ‘look’ similar?

It was and still is exactly my IP address.

Is this a ISP supplied router or did you purchase the router yourself?

Never mind. I’m a little dense sometimes. All this time using a computer and I finally figured out “if all else fails, follow the directions”. I found what I was looking for in the “help” section…“Duh”. Sorry about that. I’m getting the hang of Comodo Firewall w/D+.

For what it’s worth, I have used OA Free and Private Firewall and now taking Comodo FW for a test drive.
PF was the easiest to set-up but was causing issues with my anti-virus, sorry not Comodo. So far I have found Comodo FW to be super quiet and is not a resource hog. Not to mention stronger than the other two. I think I have finally found a third party firewall I like. Love the GUI, very simple to navigate.