Port 21 closed, not stealth (help from Italy)

Sorry for my english.

I use CIS from many years.
In these days, I have installed the new CIS 8.
I use two PC with XP (Home and Pro).
In these two PC I have Port 21 (FTP) closed, but not Stealth.
Image test GRC.

I tried as first option, and then from the second option, the last image.
Always with no results: the door 21 closed, but not stealth.

How do I do because the door 21 to be stealth?

Thanks and greetings from Italy.

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Do you connect directly to your modem or are you behind a router? If the later then your port scan was of your router’s firewall configuration and not CIS.

Thank you for your answer.
I use Modem Technicolor TG582n.

You can see it at: Panoramica - Tiscali Assistenza

But if the problem is my modem, how do I fix?
Thanks again and nice weekend

Bye bye from Italy.