Port 1027 not blocked according to Shields Up


I have been doing the Shields Up test for the past 3 years. Today is the first time that it said that I failed the test because port 1027 was closed. The explanation I received was “Your computer has responded that this port exists but is currently closed to connections.”

I usually get the “passed” all is good sign. This is the first time that I “failed”. Can anyone tell me if I can adjust my CIS firewall to prevent this from happening? I am using CIS 3.9.95478.509.

Thank you.

Shields Up will test your router/hardware firewall first. So if your behind one then you need to properly configure that first.


I am not behind a router or hardware firewall, just CIS…

Are you using DSL by chance? Many people don’t realize that there is a router hiding inside their DSL modem.

It depends what modem. I have a 2Wire Gateway DSL modem with a built in hardware firewall that I love.

I honestly don’t know! I have recently changed ISP. I have an RCA DHG 535 modem it looks like. Does this help?

Have you checked the specs? Have you visited the Manufactures site for more info?

If this is it then you have a hardware firewall.