Just now the following “popped-up” on my computer desktop: PopupSyncID2, and the indication is it is something that has to do with the Comodo Firewall. I don’t know what this is and can’t get rid of it, i.c., close it. Can someone tell me what it means and how to cancel it? Thanks.

I Guess It A Refernce Memory Error Caused By CFP.EXE. Will It be Possible For You To Post The Exact Error Message Along With The Instruction Code Or A Screenshot ?

Same just happend on my PC. Closed Comodo and it went away, reopened Comodo and all seems good. I’ve attached the “error” and associated right click options.

As there aren’t many posts about it I’m guessing that it is a fairly new issue, possibly something to do with the updates installed in the last couple of days.

The white line under the bar is a very tiny text box, ctrl v +ctrl c into notepad and you get: PopupSyncID2

Please don’t let this be some sort of advertising bot making it’s way into comodo.


“What you are experiencing is not a problem, it is an undocumented feature…” - BOFH

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You Have Mentioned That There Is Some Text Under The Title Bar “PopupSyncld2” Which Is Tiny. Will It Possible For To Post What The Text Is

As stated above: PopupSyncID2

Possibly related to https://forums.comodo.com/firewall_bugs/cfpexe_application_error_0xf7b02550-t39433.0.html;msg285855#msg285855

I have the error on my screen again right now, which prompted me to do another search. I did have a comodo “warning popup” shortly before I noticed it hiding away on my taskbar so it could be related to them somehow.

Attached is the taskbar, no right click options. I’ve also higlighted the text in the tiny text box this time.

“What you are experiencing is not a problem, it is an undocumented feature…” - BOFH

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I just got this too for the first time >:(

Happened when I tried to paste a bit of text taken from a webpage (not a linked hotspot) to my MSworks calendar.

A red warning popped up after (MSworks having frozen in shock for a few minutes) saying something about the action allowing the program access to my browser or something. Really can’t see how pasting two words into MSworks calandar location gives it internet access…it can barely tell the date properly, let alone surf the net.

Can some1 at comodo PLEASE post a meaningful resolution to these questions about this popupsyncIDx??

It appeared for me after I installed MSWorks 8.5 from a ISO image system disk - this is very disconcerting that these posts have not been adequately answered.

How do we know this isn’t a compromise of our defensive capabilities - a toolkit - malware etc. ??

And kindly refrain from posting a related link - just answer this and other users’ query and close it one way or the other… Is this harmful or can we ignore it??

Is that your final answer?


Just got the same pop up message…………PopupSyncID2……………same pics as shown earlier in this thread.

This is rather disconcerting as this thread has been viewed 1335 times and no one from comodo had answered it.

I have been a very happy user of CIS for the past yea,r although my computer was so sluggish two weeks ago until I uninstalled CIS, re-installed and everything has been fine until this. :-TD

Come on chaps, lets sort this out.

Is it possible to see the text underneath the pop up for PopupSyncID2 like Napsterz asked. Napsterz is Comodo staff by the way (one might not be able to tell from his avatar though…:wink: ).

Hi EricJH thanks for your reply and my apologises to napsterz for not reading all the replies thoroughly.

I do not get any error message or text just the same pic as posted above.

I have discovered that this occurs when I use a programme called Comfort Keys to paste info onto web pages etc.

So is there a conflict with Comfort Keys or is CIS just reporting/flagging that this programme is being used.

The only way to get rid of this message is to actually close CIS.

Do the Defense + logs show the Comfort Keys program? When it show can you please post a screenshot of the D+ logs?


Sorry for the delay in replying but I’ve had so much trouble the last few days with a Creative Audigy card causing all sorts of crashes.

In the end I lost patience and just uninstalled the Comfort Keys program.

I have had a check in D+ logs? and all that is showing is the installation of C Keys.

Thanks for you r time anyway. :wink:


it is still there!
On my system today for the first time.
Attached you find what ProcessExplorer says about the window and how it looks like if one maximizes it - via ProcessExplorer.

I can repeat the popping up of the window:
On the desktop: Dubble-click on a link to an Excel-file > Excel 2000 opens > it takes 10 seconds (!!!) until a defense+ window pops up: Excel asks for permission to access DNS/RPC Control (don’t know why) > after blocking the request the Excel file is shown and at the same moment the PupupSyncID2-window pops up.
It cannot be managed directly, maximizing is only possible via ProcessExplorer. It cannot be closed because it is a window of cfp.exe (see ProcessExplorer.jpg screenshot)

I use Windows XP SP3 (with current updates)
Excel 2000 SP3
CIS (also current updates)

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Because this looks like a bug I continue here