All of a sudden I have a small box that popped up while just after going online that states PopupSyncID0 and there is something in the white box which I cannot read; nor can I enlarge it to read what it says and I can’t seem to close it either. I have gone to the task manager and clicked on it and clicked to go to process and it states cfp.exe and the description is Comodo Internet Security. When I try to end the process it states Operation Cannot Be Completed Access is denied. I have also tried opening up the task manager and in the applications tab clicked to end the task and nothing happens.
Could someone please be so kind as to tell me what this is and how to close that box.
Thanks so Very Much

That a problem happening with 5.x. Not sure it was ever solved in the 5.x versions. It seems solved with v6.

What version of CIS are you using? Does updating to 5.12 with the program updater help?

I just checked and the product version is 5.12.256249.2599 (is is the free version).

I didn’t realize that there was an update (thought that the program was set to check for updates automatically). When I clicked to see about the product version it does have an option for upgrading to the CIS Pro Full - but am just interested in the firewall.

Do I need to uninstall this version prior to installing the newer version and if so are there any specific steps I would need to do?

Thanks So Very Much

I just went to look for the newest version as you stated (v6) but all I can find is the download for version 5.12 which is what I currently have installed.
I went to Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022 and clicked for the download and it took me to Welcome Comodo Firewall users - CNET Download which states it is version 5.12.

Thanks Again!

Hi lnjr,
Version 6 is not yet pushed through the program updater, this may happen with the next release which is intended to be released in about a fortnight.

It is best to un-install/re-install as long as you do not have any custom configurations to import.
Do not import configuration files from V5.X into V6.X as it would most likely fail.

I just tried the download link you posted and while it does show V5.12 it did infact download V6.1 (Screenshot).

V6 differs substantially from previous versions, have a look through the help file to familiarize yourself.
Introduction to Comodo Internet Security
Note: Comodo Firewall is a Component of the Comodo Internet Security Suite, (premium) is the free version.
Note2: You can download the suite from the Forum in the link below, but be certain to select Customize Installer (Step 2 of the installion guide) during installation and leave on the Firewall checked if that is all you require.
COMODO Internet Security 6.1.276867.2813
CIS Premium – Installation Guide

Kind regards.

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