In this version are there any popups associated with AutoSandbox & Elevated Privilege Rights i.e will we get any popups with autosandbox & elevated privilege rights?

Dont give alerts option is under D+ & D+ is disabled by default & this option is not there under autosandbox so are the popups eliminated in this version?

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Just to cross-reference a partial answer to this: here.

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I read that.

Devs reply needed on this.

Devs reply plzz…

What’s keeping you from trying it? Find a program that is not yet know like f.e. diskpulse and try.

You will find you will get no Elevated Privileges alerts when disabling “Detect installer and show privilege elevation alerts”. There will only be a notification that the installer was automatically sandboxed. You can disable those alerts in the pop up message.

Enabling “Detect installer and show privilege elevation alerts” will give Elevated Privileges alerts.

If you want no alerts you now know what to do. It will potentially cripple installations of unknown programs but will keep your computer safe from harm.

If I understand your concerns by your posting history you are looking for a solution with no alerts for family members, whom you share a computer with, who love to install but do not consider security. This is what v6 can offer as far as I can tell.

I guess you didn’t understood me.

Autosandbox Alert - This alert you dont need to reply. Its just a notification that something was autosandboxed.

Elevated Privilege Alerts - This is also not a prob. It gives 3 options, sandbox, allow & block, sandbox is the default as per Comodo in this version.

What I meant was ------

The additional popups with autosandbox & elevated privilege rights like COM, Protected Things, etc. I also posted in the other thread that I test CIS 6 Beta with default settings i.e partial limited & auto full virtualization with app. 70 zero day malware & in both cases I didn’t get any additional popups.

Now I dont know that popups are eliminated in this version or the malware I tested were not good enough i.e the malware didn’t try to affect COM & Protected Things, etc so I didn’t got any popups.

So I asked here to verify if the popups are eliminated in this version.

Sorry for misunderstanding your question.

Yes, these alerts are a thing of the past. Comodo came up with other solutions for this.