Popups at times drive me wild

I had run Kerio Personal Firewall for a while, but when I began to have issues with that I got recommended the Comodo Firewall. So far I like it a lot … especially the way you can auto configurate your own LAN is a godsend as it took me lots of trial and error on my previous FW and for the rest it seems to do it’s job and is pretty lightweight in using resources.

One thing though that at times annoy me to no end is the avalanche of popups Comodo can launch at you even though you have set a certain application should have access. For instance, I just started downloading a file with Utorrent 1.7.2 when Utorrent notified me there was a new version 1.7.4 available. Ofcourse I wanted to have the latest so Utorrent updated itself, closed itself and then restarted itself and then the avalanche commenced … I’ve semi lost count how many popups I got and no matter how many times I pressed allow all it kept coming back and back.

I almost got the impression that Comodo wanted me to give permission for every seed and leecher that was connected to me. I mean, this is a trusted application … granted it is updated so good that Comodo asks if it still can be trusted, but it should ask this question one time only and not nearly at infinitum. Thank god I sort of figured out by fiddling that if I skipped the parent check then it was okay, but still … ■■■■, it shouldn’t have to work like this.

This is the first time it was this bad, but I have seen other trusted applications I had to allow several times again and this is somewhat ridicilous … all imho ofcourse.

Imagine a world with no pop ups…

Imagine the next Beta…

Now combine them together :slight_smile:


Part of the issue will be dependent upon your Alert Frequency level. The higher that level, the more detail in the rule, and the more individual rules created for each application.

What version of the firewall are you using?