Popups about app "refusing communication with COMODO"

HELP! I’ve been running CPF comfortably for some time now… and starting today, my employer has implemented a VPN solution (F5 Networks?). Anyway, when the VPN is active I get popups over and over like this:

The frequency of these popups basically makes my machine unusable.

The only way to keep them from happening that I have found is to turn off the application monitor… but that’s about like breaking eggs with a sledgehammer.

I was hoping you guys had some suggestions that allowed me to be a little more surgical.

Were these alerts with certified apps option enabled or disabled? Mine’s with the default enabled and I never see any alerts dealing with svchost.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean by “certified apps option”.

Security tab > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure… > 2nd option: Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by COMODO. By default this is enabled.

Yes, that box is checked. These POPUPs apparently do not qualify, or are triggered by a different condition. Next? (:NRD)

Sorry. (:SHY) Let us wait for a better answer.