Popup says Critical Security Update needed, but program says up-to-date

I use Comodo Firewall. I just got a popup down by the taskbar saying that Comodo is in need of critical security updates and to install them immediately. I am asked to click the popup in order to install them.

Instead, I opened the Comodo interface and tried to update from there, but received a message that the product is already up-to-date.

The popup is now gone. Was this malware, or what is going on here?

Thanks for any help you can give.

I also received the same popup message on my computer. Mine said something like Microsoft just issued critical security updates, update now or your computer might be at risk.


It’s a legitimate Comodo Message Center popup.

this is for your OS!

CMC is alerting you to latest vulnerabilities found in the OS that should be patched asap.

Yes, but when I went to Microsoft Update, I was 100% up-to-date already. (I updated 2 days ago on release day.)

I guess CMC just gives this message to everyone, regardless of whether their OS has already been patched.

  1. That’s not ideal; my last antivirus had the thoughtfulness to only give me that warning when the OS hadn’t been patched yet, and

  2. Why wait 48-hours? That’s 48 hours of vulnerability, since the moment patches are issued they can be exploited.

this was the first time we used CMC as messaging for critical vulnerability…next time it will be on time…
thank you for your thoughts.

Thank you for the help.