Popup RunDll

i am plagued by popup RunDll 32 exe. No matter what i go it does not remember.
It normally appears when the screen saver runs.
Does anybody have any suggestions as to how i make it remember.
I am running Windows 7 build 7000.

Hey Rambo,

I`m running Win 7(build 7000) on one.
Something you could try is right click the CIS shortcut,select “Troubleshoot compatibility”/Next/Check—> “The program requires additional permissions”/save the settings.

Also looking at Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/Double click rundll32.exe/Access rights/Modify next to “run an executable” i have as the first entry %windir%* (then a lot of .dlls and .exes)

And in Modify next to “Protected Files/Folders” i have the entries *.exe and X:\Windows\system32*

Running in “Safe mode”,thought it might help to have a comparison!


Thanks Matt.
Would you believe that for the last three occasions that the screen saver has run there has been no sign of the popup.
Lets hope it has sorted itself out.We shall see.
Your help is appreciated
Best Regards