Popup Ads

I seem to be having problems with CD with my window filling up with annoying Popup ads. I have PrivDog and Adblock Plus running but they still come up as blank boxes, which I have to close. Happens on each subsequent page that I open. I also run Nightly (Firefox) which doesn’t do this on the same web pages. For example this site: MetService - Te Ratonga Tirorangi has six blank boxes in CD, but none in Firefox. There are no ads present on this page however. Tis almost making me want to not use CD altogether. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. >:( Cheers, Ian.

Can you please check PrivDog settings
Please choose “Block all networks ads”… You might be infected so the infection can show you these ads.
Please make a scan with AdwCleaner :-TU

“photographer_nz” did “yigido” advise, help you?
you might also check if all the extensions are installed by you!
or plugins