Popping Program

  The program's name was x1nject. it is an executable file. It looks like a medicine thing icon. I got it when i downloaded programs on the web. I want to delete it. I tried deleting it several times also on the recycle bin but after i restarted my computer it pops up again at the desktop then after a while my antivirus program says that it has detected many trojans which i think the files that are related to what i have downloaded. I make some healing or clearing off it but i think it doesn't help. I hope some one can help me before it may cause damages to my computer. Thank you a lot moms and sirs.

hello, are you running CIS?

If so press D+ > view active process list, do you find any file there called x1nject? if so right click and select Terminate & Block, this little sucker should by then not be able to run…

then go to D+ > my blocked files… You should see x1nject somewhere in there… Press delete file…

If you don’t see the file in here however, then I think you should run some ondemand scanners, I think you should really do that anyway… Check this link and follow the steps!


Doing that would remove “most” malewares…

what is D+ and CIS? help me pls… im using windows XP

CIS means comodo internet security… But never mind…

Download SUPERAntiSpyware and Malewarebytes and do 2 full scans of your system (links below)


Below is a link of how to use them once installed! =)


Scanning your whole system will take some time… maby hours… But let the scanns complete… and quarantine all threats found… if your computer is still acting wierd I would suggest you to run Hijackthis and posting the log back here.
Link to hijackthis is found below:


Thanks really a lot monkey_boy for entertaining my problem… im now scanning my computer

another thing… why can’t i install all the components of the bit defender?it says that it has still requirements

What did SAS and MB find on your machine? That might shed some light on things.

I don’t know…
If you have trouble with Bit defender then uninstall it…

Maby install A2 instead… http://www.download.com/A-squared-Free/3000-2239_4-10262215.html
One of my favourites scanners for on demand.

One more great application is comodo CSC: http://system-cleaner.comodo.com/download.html Able to clean your registry and remove old junk files, Can in some cases speed up a computer a lot… On others it has less effect.