POP3/SMTP ports set

With CFP 3, If I use the email client predefined policy for mine, I’m able to receive email from the accounts at port 110, but not from the accounts that use TLS at port 995. What ports are included in the “POP3/SMTP ports” set? Is 995 not included? It should be added since Yahoo and Gmail use it. (Don’t know why but I’m able to send emails with those same accounts, is that because port 465 is included in the set but 995 is not?)

Hi Japo.

For some reason 995 and 587, which Gmail uses, are not included, you’ll have to add them.

My Gmail account is using 995 and 465 not 587. It would seem that you’ve got yours configured not to encrypt outgoing mail, that’s why it uses 587 instead of 465.


According to my experience 110, 25, and 465 at least are included in the predefined email ports set. I’ve defined a rule for 995 so it’s now working fine, but at least 995 and 587 should be added to the set in future versions of CFP.

Thanks Toggie.

Interestingly, from Google support:

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Ah okay so encrypted email can be sent through both ports, I thought otherwise because of the Wikipedia list. Anyway 465 is the same that Yahoo uses.

So, as I said anyway at least 995 and 587 are missing from the set.

Ah I have just noticed thanks to Gibran that you can manually define ports sets to your pleasure in the firewall’s Common Tasks. :slight_smile:

When you talk about ports, do you mean ports on the computers network card or the ports on the mail server or whatever server your connected to ?

Another thing is that I followed the instructions on here to de-activate netBT or netbios using tcp/ip but there were a few other options on the network settings window that I turned off, the first being the microsoft client option and the second being the share file and printers option. Are these related to netBT or do they also apply to file and printer sharing over port 445 ? That is Iam assuming that port 445 can be used for those services over a network rather than just for a LAN not connected to outside servers…