(:AGY) I recently downloaded Comode Firewall Pro, but as yet, cannot figure how to stop popups fro CiD/joltsearch, partypoker, e bay etc, from appearing on my screen?

I am new to computers, and am still finding my feet with the ins and outs of things with regards to security.

Could someone please help me with some tips of how to stop these from appearing on my screen, as it is causing my internet explorer to shut down as soon as I try to close or minimise them.

Im desperate!!!

Welcome to the forum, gazzasbeer (:WAV)

CFP is not designed to stop pop-ups due to it not being a real firewall function. Although possible, you would need countless rules to block websites or IP addresses. There are more realistic methods. This is best left to be controlled by your browser (but Internet Explorer is not recommended, even though it does have its own popup blocker). Better to use Firefox or Opera (which I use and create my own filter list).

Thanks for the welcome smile (:CLP) (S)

I Will be giving Firefox/Opera a whirl.

Will keep you posted on my progress, thx!