pop ups (not Comodo's but from sites)

Does Comodo have the ability to stop site pop-ups while browsing? I have a site that says I have to allow popups before I can log in to download their programme. While I am not that happy with their method I do want the programme.

I have turned off Fire Fox’s pop up stopper, but the site will still not let me in. I have alerted them, but I just know they will ask about other software.

Any help appreciated.


Not In CIS; That is for the browser to control not a Internet Security Suite;

May I ask what program? so i could try to download the programme?

Kind Regards

WOW! I had not even finished typing my request I reckon! ;D Thanks

OK. That answers my question.

Thanks, but I am sorry I have to refuse on the download, or at least save you a lot of trouble . The mob that supply it require that you register with name and email. Then they email you a url a couple of days later and give you username and password. So they seem pretty concerned about not handing the thing about, and it’s a hassle for you, to go through the process. So thanks, but ATM I will wait for their reply, now I know that I am not being back-hit by other stuff. Comodo is my only resident security.

Your Welcome Nick;

No Worries, If you have any further issues or questions don’t be afraid to come back and ask!

Kind Regards