Pop-up takes ages to clear

Is anyone else having the same problem as I am having? When The Comodo Firewall Pop-up appears and asks if I want to ‘Allow’ or ‘Block’ a programme, after I make my selection it takes anything up to 5 minutes to clear. During this time my computer is locked and I cannoty continue until the pop-up clears. Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated.

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I haven’t heard of this before. A couple of questions:

Which OS/system do you have?
Does this occur with every pop-up?
Do you tick “Remember” so you won’t have to face this again?
Has your system been unstable in any other matter before you installed the firewall?
Any other security software that may possible conflict (they shouldn’t, but I’m asking anyway)?


It might also be worth disabling logging to see if it makes any difference:

In network monitor right click any block and log rules and select edit. Uncheck the box ‘create an alert if this rule is fired’.

You can always turn this back on later if you wish.

An alternative option which can help and will still allow you to view some log events is to make the log file itself read only:

Log Files usually at: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.WINDOWS\Application Data\Comodo\Personal Firewall\Logs

Right click the file and make it read only. This drastically reduces the drain on your system in most cases. Worked for me and many others.


I am running Winbdows XP Home Edition with 1GB RAM and 180 GB Hard Disk and everything else is 100%. I have now marked the Log File as Read Only so will see if this makes a difference. The computer is protected in almost every way for Malware, Virus and all other nasties with regulkar sweeps of complete system. This has been happening for the last few months bu seems to be taking that mucvh longer recently, and it does occur with each and every pop-up. I should mention that the pop-ups are not repeats (when I have ticked ‘remember’) but are new programs which are trying to run. At the same time there is a programme that loads at StartUp (Can’t remember the name something like Hijintdrv) and although I always tick remember this action it still comes up every time.

Please can you post a screenshot of this program that loads at start up/


Excuse me, BUT… making the log-file “read-only” sounds pretty stupid to me .
And I also have this problem, the pop-up just sits in the corner for up to 2 minutes …

Sorry for long delay in replying but have had other computer problems in the interim: The Comodo request is for
Application path: C:\windows\system32\drivers
Company: N/a
Parent process: System
This file not found in Comodo Safe List.
No matter whether I select Allow or Stop and click remember this answer it still comes up at bevery re-boot!

This file is part of madCodeHook:

It has been used in malware before now but is also used in many legit applications:


I think it is dynamically created at boot up and is not possible to find on the hard drive - this is why the pop up appears every time.

I think we need confirmation as to whether this is still used in CFP. I will ask developers to clarify.

Meanwhile, please could you tell us what antivirus and anti-malware you have running on your pc.


Months ago I searched for more infos about madCodeHook

There is a free non-commercial edition available. However, it contains no static libs. So when using the non-commercial edition you always need to distribute the "madCHook.dll" with your software.
[url=http://forum.madshi.net/viewtopic.php?t=670]Previous madCodeHook versions[/url] provided a static lib to non-commercial developers too (until Tue Aug 30, 2005).

The non-commercial madCodeHook edition has been dropped due to repeated misuse by malware (since Tue May 29, 2007).

Uall wrote the Madshow hook detector and its latest version is on a different url.

Please use the Madshow hook detector and report here what app is using that.

Thanks for all the assistance on this _ I am using Comodo Anti Virus; Comodo Firewall; Spyware Doctor; Trojan Remover and Spybot. Would hate this programme to be Malware or worse and also detest it coming up at every re-boot.

Spybot SD could be using usermode hooks. Anyway use a hook detector and look for the programs/paths mentioned.

One of them is using that. If it is a legit app then you should be able to add that driver to the CAVS exclude list.