Pop up query

HI,i have just updated spybot s+d and when i asked to search for updates a pop-up appeared asking whether i should allow(i was expecting this).Of the 4 options given allow was the one checked and i was given ok or cancel to click.I didnt click on any of these as i was distracted for a moment but when i looked back the message no updates are available was displayed.Does this mean the connection was allowed even though i didnt click ok.I repeated this and the same happened.

This concerns me a little as i hadn`t actually given an answer to the question asked.Could someone please tell me if this was supposed to happen. ???

My problem is if i was away from the computer and a pop up appeared would it just take whatever option is checked without me confirming it.

ps spybot s+d is not in my list in application rules.

Any advise would help,many thanks Matty.