Pop-up on quarantine

When you choose the option “Automatically quarantine threats when detected” in real-time scanning I think there should be a pop-up when this happens. I was using a leaktest and while I was downloading it I thought it was an error with the site since it never finished. It took me 20 minutes to realize Comodo was actually quarantining it. So I think that when something gets quarantined like that there should be a little box that says “leaktest.exe has been automatically quarantined. No further action is required.” or something like that.

Just my two cents.

have to tried going to more → preferences → show balloon messages?

Oh its that simle. :slight_smile: I was also going to complain about this. Thanks languy :-TU

But that shows other things as well.

Yes, I agree. The quarantine should pop up with its own popup, even if you don’t want the rest. Which I don’t. ;D

:-TU :-TU