Pop-Up Box Choice Question?.

After doing a clean re-install of Comodo CIS v3.11.552 this morning and while going through my programs in order for Comodo to learn them I was reminded of a question I have meant to ask before but forgot. After CIS install I switch the Configuration to Pro-Active Security and begin to open my most used programs, browsers in order to set the rules for them ie svchost and system to outgoing only, IE8 & Firefox to web browsers. Let me take Spyware Blaster as an example. I click on my shortcut and a pop up appears telling me that SB is doing something and what action should I take. I would like to set it as a trusted application but in the first instance this option is not there only the three options are even when you click on the more options box. The options available are, Treat As (1) Installer or Updater, (2) Windows System Application, (3) Isolated Application. As to me it is not 1 or 2 and am not sure what 3 means I just keep clicking on Allow & Remember whereupon I will get another 1-3 pop up boxes the same as the previous before I then get the box with the extended options list where I can finally choose treat as a “Trusted Application”.

What do you others do in this scenario and what does the “Isolated Application” choice mean in conjunction with this question?.

Spywareblaster is starting up Spywareblaster. Every policy needs to ask to start another executable. Best thing is to allow the start up and remember and on the next alert make it Trusted.