Pop-up advising critical updates from Micro-Soft. Is it genuine?

I got an unusual pop-up in the lower rt corner of the screen where Comodo messages pop-up, telling me that there are several critical updates from Microsoft that should be downloaded. I clicked the link in the popup which opened a page with a legitimate Comodo URL, but I did not click on any of the updates listed until I get some verification that this is legit.

I do not trust ANYTHING that pops-up on my computer without me prompting the action. So I thought I would ask here. This is the Comodo page link from the popup…


I will not do these updates till I have that warm fuzzy feeling Comodo is supposed to give me.

Please note the links only take you to a Mircrosoft Tech page explaining what the updates are for.

Please use Windows Update unless you know which updates apply to you.


Edit It does explain this in the first paragraph of the Mircrosoft Tech page.

Comodo Message Center is sending these, the message is send by Comodo yes.

Thank you Ronny, this is all I need to confirm.