pop server timeout

I am using outlook express 6 and installed recently cavs beta 2.0
Since then I get this timeouts when I read my email, especially when the attachements is a bit larger (1Mb or more). I disabled the Incoming email scan, but I think there should be another way?
In this way scanning incoming email is disabled. Smal mail isnt a problem.
With incoming email scan disabled the problem is gone.

Any solutions?

I have a similar problem. I asked for a month ago but have still not got an answer.
Dont be to upset if you don’t get any answer.

Maby you have to start your question something like:
“I love this software! It is better than anything i have ever tried!!
There is one small problem though, i would very much appreciate if you would lower your supreme beeing enough to comment my problem, (that naturally is coursed by my mishandling of my computer)…”

Then you can continue to tell about your problem - wich is that the software doesnt work on incoming e-mail scan.

Or maby you must give them money…

hi triple-t,

which firewall are you using?

If you are using Comodo 2.4 you may need to ‘skip advanced security checks’ and allow invisible connection attempts’ in application monitor rules for CavEmSrv.exe - this worked for me when I was using 2.4 version of the firewall.

If you are using the latest Comodo version 3 firewall I think you should ensure that CavEmSrv.exe is treated as a trusted application by the firewall. Not sure if this will work for you - on two pc’s I use it works for one and on the other I have had to disable CAVS email scanning whilst I wait for CAVS3 to be released. This does not worry me as I know that CFP defence+ will alert me to anything malicious arriving on my pc.


Hello N.T.T.W.

a few days ago I installed the latest version 3.0. Before that I was also up to date.
But smal e-mail was not a problem WITH incoming mail. The problem occurs with a bit larger e-mail. So the program is treated as a trusted application (I think).

I think the best way to get a virus is with e-mail or download so it would be nice if a virusscanner works with incoming e-mail ???

I tested a few things yesterday. CAVS isn’t working at all with e-mail scanning enabled!
I tried to send and receive an e-mail with attachement. In all cases it timed out. As soon as I disabled e-mail scanning the problem was gone. Why do you need a virusscanner ??? (:AGY)

When email arrives on disc is still detected, if it is infected and signature virus is present in CAVS.
“On Access” feature monitors it.