POP Server not responding

Having a slight problem (OutLook Express related issue) and, to ask, if one of you guys can help. When I’m downloading my emails, if the email is a large file; i.e. picture/movie, a dialogue box appears stating, “Your POP Server has not responded in 60 seconds or less. Would you like to wait another 60 seconds?” This dialogue box repeatedly appears, even after clicking Wait until the download is complete. Sometimes the download cancels out. This dialogue message box only appears on the download of large files; plain text emails I don’t get this message. When sending large files, I don’t receive this message either.

I’ve contacted the Administrator of my mail server, they’ve responded back indiciating there are no issues on their end. My ISP has sent out a technician to test the cable line, reporting no issues. I’m more than a little nonplused as to why I’m receiving this dialogue message box on the download of large files. Aside from this, everything else appears to be working well. Suggestions?

That’s an easy one, I do believe (I’ve experienced that myself)…

You need to go to Tools/Accounts/(your pop email)/Properties/Advanced.

Right in the middle there’s a slider that says “Server Timeout.” By default it’s set to 1 minute. Drag that to the right to increase the timeout. You can get up to 5 minutes.

Also be aware, if you’re downloading in peak demand times (such as 6-7pm) you may experience timeout/connection loss because of the amount of traffic on the ISP’s system. This does not seem to show up as an error on their end; it’s because too much of the bandwidth is consumed, rather than a system malfunction.

See if that doesn’t fix the issue for you.


Okay, here’s the next step to take:

Run the Application Wizard - Go to Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications (lower right). Follow the prompts. When it’s finished, go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and make sure the box “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo” is checked. Then reboot.

See what that does for your situation.

Two other questions:

Are you getting other email (besides the large file downloads…)?

Are you on a network/LAN?


Is an issue for large attachments when CAV is still downloading and OE gets sick of waiting. Increasing the timeout may not work when on a modem connection or with a huge attachment. And I dont think changing CAV settings is the answer, as far as CAV is concerned there is no problem at all. It is OE that times out.

IMHO the only way is to turn off the CAV Email scanner for the duration.

But - A Movie!!! In Outlook Express!!!


Ah, a little one - family and friends at the beach etc.

Was thinking off a full blown production that plays for about 120 mins.

My fault, jumping to incorrect conclusions.


Oh my! My brain got messed up, and I gave you instructions for Comodo Firewall… Yikes, that won’t help you much for a CAVS issue! I forgot where I was for a moment, I guess. :-[ Well, if you do have CPF, run the Apps Wizard! ;D

Were you able to get these large attachments before installing CAVS? (sometimes your ISP mailserver has settings to limit filesize).

And no, my friends don’t send me WMV movies in my email… (:TNG)


Heh heh! Now, how’d you follow my CPF instructions in CAVS? That’s a good one! ;D Obviously, this is more evidence as to why one should never assume anything… I do apologize though; obviously my brain was not properly engaged. ???

I don’t doubt the email proxy server is slowing things down on the movie download. I wish there was a different way to scan email, and maybe there is, but it seems commonplace to have it set up that way…

So here’s my suggestion at this point, regarding CAVS email scanning of large (what size?) WMV files, causing email server timeout using Outlook Express:

File a support ticket with Comodo here. You probably want to include the following info - CAVS version, MSIMN (OE) version, connection type (dial-up, dsl, cable, etc), file type, file size, and that you have OE’s timeout set to maximum of 5 minutes (which is incredibly long, IMO). Explain what’s happening, that your email server is timing out while waiting for CAVS to scan. Make sure disabling CAVS email scanner does the trick, and be sure to include that as well.

I’m not aware of any settings within CAVS that lets you control how it scans email (so that you could, for instance, skip .wmv files); perhaps Support will know something. At the very least, it lets them know of an issue they may not be aware of. Be sure to post their response here, as well.

Oh yeah, my brain worked well enough that I knew that. :wink: I thought I’d respond to it anyway…


Well, file type we already know… they’re .wmv files, per your earlier post, so that’s easy. As to size, do you keep your emails? - You can look at the attachment size. Or, do you save the files? - You can look at the file size there.

OE version is available through Help/About.

CAVS version is available through About/Version Information (you’ll want the “Build Version”).



I appreciate and understand your frustration, and apologize for being unable to help you. I should probably have started with different questions: What version of CAVS, did you have this problem before CAVS… Having experienced email timeouts many many times using OE, I thought there was a quick fix. I am not a Comodo employee, only a fellow forum user; while their staff does frequent the forums, sometimes the only route for a solution is through Support. A lot of issues get resolved here; unfortunately not all can be.

I do not think that any AV program “protects against time-outs” as that is a function of your ISP’s email server and your email client. The issue would be speed of scanning the attachment in a way that would allow delivery within the allowed timeframe. Apparently CAVS has an issue there, unfortunately - and you have experienced it!

I searched through the forum in every way I could think of, and could not find any posts relating to your issue; surely you are not the only one to experience this, but it would appear no one else has reported it. With this in mind, it would be very helpful for CAVS’ development if you could report the issue “officially” thru Support. I can make sure that they are aware there is an issue, but I know they will need information that I do not have - version info, file size, etc, as stated when I suggested you file with a ticket with them. I will be happy to follow through with that on your behalf (although it would be better, coming from you), if you can provide me with some of that pertinent info. I realize with CAVS uninstalled, you don’t have the version info - if tell me where you downloaded it and when, and that should help. Then all that would be needed is the version of OE that you’re using, and the average size of the WMV files you’re getting.

I understand that you were disheartened and frustrated after spending an afternoon on this issue, with no positive results, and no, I don’t take it personally. I realize that at the present time, NIS works better for your purposes. Hopefully, when your license there expires, CAVS will be a viable product for you in every way. Their firewall is already proven to be the best out there at present, and I am confident the AV will follow that path as well.

If you can, and are willing, to provide the specific information to Comodo Support, it will help them identify the problem and be able to fix that in future versions.

Once again, I am very sorry that you’ve experienced this, and that I have been unable to provide a solution for you.



Thanks for the response and clarification, and the info on NIS’s protection against time-outs. Interesting. It must interact with the email server in some way. Well, there you go; it’s been a while since I’ve used Norton, and didn’t see that when I did (but it was a corporate version; perhaps there’s a difference there). :THNK

I understand you don’t keep the movie files; I understand. I’m not big on keeping emails around, either, if I don’t need them specifically. I’ll make sure Comodo is aware of the issue and provide all available information to them. And make sure they’re aware that NIS has something in place to prevent this!

“Comodo Hero” ahh, yes… Forums tend to have a process by which users have a title associated with their user name, usually based on the number of posts. As this varies per forum, there’s a very wide range that may be seen, and changes occur at different rates. At any rate, the title is applied by the forum; the user has no control over it, that I’m aware of (Moderators might, but not regular users; the Moderators here are also just users, not Comodo employees).

Be sure to check Comodo out when your NIS license runs out… I’m sure they’ll knock your socks off!


Was going to stay away from this.

The issue of timeouts in OE is real. I have had it myself and more importantly my Wife has had it, when sending one of those funny video clips to her work email address 5 days ago. That file was 4.5 megs in size as was sent via the ISP SMTP server on an ADSL connection. She tried 5 times to send it and received an OE timeout warning each time. Then she asked me WTF is going on. I Turned off the CAV Email scanning and sent it again without error. The next day she had 6 copies of the email in her inbox.

I just sent it again to check and this is the sequence of events:

On Send OE Status bar indicated “Sending Mail”
When showing the progress bar in OE the blue line indicated 100% sent
The CAV popup blue bar indicated fairly quickly 75% sent and then paused
ADSL traffic was continuous showing me something was happening
When the timeout occurred I did nothing and traffic continued
After the CAV popup closed I closed the OE error.
The message was still in the outbox.
Checked web mail for the address sent to - it was there.

Will refer back to my earlier post - think I said something like:

“IMHO the only way is to turn off the CAV Email scanner for the duration.”

Should have said “for the duration of the mail upload/download” but even if left off no real harm is done. Even if a virus is attached to an email CAV will warn and deal to the problem when the email is opened.

I accept that this is not a permanent fix but the product is in Beta. Am somewhat surprised that it has not been raised in this forum or with support before.



Thanks for the input. Since you are experiencing this issue and have immediate access to file information, etc, are you willing to file a ticket with Comodo Support so that they have everything they need to track it down and resolve it?

I find it hard to believe, too, that no one has reported it before, but I sure couldn’t find it if they did…


I just divested myself of Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin internet security software at home, which the license wouldn’t run out for several months. However, I made the decision based on security issues. They have a good firewall (more highly rated than the other major brand packages), and their AV scanner is very quick, but after using CPF for several months on this machine, I was no longer able to justify to myself the difference in security. I couldn’t just use TM’s AV, as it was part of the package, so I uninstalled it all… I will not use Norton or McAfee any more, so I tried some other AV’s before installing CAVS there as well. For the complaints that have been made against CAVS, I do not find the other offerings to be that much better in terms of resource use, issues, etc. But that’s just me… :wink:

Sounds like you were experiencing more than just the time-out issue… I wish you were in a position to continue to use it, so you could provide the development team with some very needed information.


Done - or I think its done.

Screen took an age to refresh after I clicked Submit for some reason. But I will check later to see if its in the list. If not will do it again.


My apologies, for confusing you, or for seeming not to understand your issue.

My point about the different SMTP port is that if that resolved the outbound issue, there was some aspect of it that would appear to be a different issue than CAVS not stopping a timeout from your server. That does not change the timeout issue, or lessen its importance in any way.

In referring to my previous AV/FW software, I just added as a personal note to indicate that I understand using whatever software works best for you. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have duplicated the timeout issue using Thunderbird a well, with a 7MB file; I will report my experience as well as information about yours to Comodo Support.

Once again, my apologies to you for any offense I have given…


You’re very welcome, Kevin. I’m very glad it’s working for you!