POP Mail problems [Resolved]

I have a simple question. Loaded up Comodo and my Pop Mail went away. Pop Mail comes back when I tured off “Application Control rules”

I’ve lost popmail for both OutLook and Pop Peeper. I messed around with the “Application Control Rules” allowing everything that could be allowed. I also set everything to “any” that I could set and I can’t get PopMail anywhere.

PS - Imap and Hotmail all work, just PopMail doesn’t work.



Have you made an appropriate rule for the application you are using?

Someone yesterday was having trouble with a POP program. This is curious to me; my email retrievals are pop and I’ve never had any trouble (I don’t use any 3rd party app, tho). Are you using Outlook directly to check your popmail account(s), or are you using PopPeeper to retrieve that for you? (Cuz Outlook can get it for you directly…)

At any rate, take these steps…

If you have not run the Scan for Known Applications Wizard, do so now. Follow its directions. If it doesn’t prompt when you’re done, stop and restart CPF (as detailed below) or reboot.

If you still have the same problem do this:

Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous
Make sure Alerts are enabled (top check box).
Move Alert Frequency Slider to High (this will give a lot of alerts, but you’ll be able to see what’s going on).
Close CPF window, exit and restart (rt-clik icon, choose Exit. after it shuts down, restart from Start/Programs/Comodo…) (or if you want, just reboot)

Recheck your mail. You should get alerts from CPF about connection attempts. Looking at the popup, you’ll see what the app is; Outlook, PopPeeper, etc. If you want to create a rule to allow it run, check the “remember” box and click “Allow.” Do so for each one of the associated popups.

If the problem still persists, we may need to enable logging for your network rules to see what’s stopping it, and work thru that.

Hope this helps,


BTW, welcome to the forums! (:WAV)

Ok, I did a scan!
I made sure all the alert box’s are ON
Slider is all the way up
Restarted the program

Didn’t get any pop-ups when I tried the email. Only POP doesn’t work. When I turn off the application monitor POP mail starts working again…

I guess I need to set up a rule?

You talked about running a network logger, hows this done?

Thanks again!!!


Please check your firewall logs and post them here. Your firewall automatically logs activity for your internet connection by default.

Ok, I cleared the log and then ran Just the TWO problem Apps!

The first two log entries are from Pop-Peeper and last entry is from OutLook.

I will attach the file to this post

Thanks for you time

[attachment deleted by admin]

Aha! Symantec is using your localhost loopback and this is causing you to be blocked, as CPF sees it as inbound traffic. Probably it’s your antivirus email scanning.

So here’s what should fix it:

Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous. You want to “Skip Loopback…UDP/TCP”, and OK. (That’s two boxes to check…)

Now CPF will ignore that little scenario, which is fine; not a hazard, as it’s an internal thing.

Should resolve it. Let us know…


PS: the way I know it’s a loopback is the IP: 127.x.x.x That’s the localhost of your machine.

I checked both boxs, restarted, nothing yet. Yes I looked up the app and noticed it was Symantec AV. Also noticed that the program, ccApp.exe is not listed in the Application Control Rules…

Should this and other Symantec stuff be in the RULES area?

PS Got an idea! Turned off Symantec AV email protection and guess what? It works!
Any ideas about this? I’m now going to play around with the AV email client and see what I can find!

Yes, ccapp.exe needs to be in the Application Rules. You’ll need to go there and click to Add a new rule. ccapp.exe (browse to find the path) goes in the Application field. For the Parent, click “Learn Parent.” Choose to Allow. The rest should default to “Any” which is fine for now. Ok.

Restart, as before. That way the app is in there, allowed.

Here’s the deal. The AV email scan is working like a proxy email server; your email software (Outlook, etc) contacts your POP server, but AV intercepts the email to scan it before it reaches Outlook, and “forwards” it on to Outlook. That makes it an inbound attempt. Lo! CPF stops inbound attempts… :slight_smile:

Setting the rule for it, and taking off the loopback detection should clear it up.

Be sure to Stop and Restart CPF. Wouldn’t hurt to reboot, just to make sure everything’s reset to the new rules/settings.


OK, I put in a new rule so the symantec program can integrate. Didn’t help so I rebooted! It seems just turning the Firewall on the off is not enough, you MUST reboot!!! Now the I have rebooted it works… So I’d always reboot when doing the initial setup. :BNC

Thanks again!

Great, glad that’s working now! I think sometimes whether to restart CPF, or reboot windows, seems to depend on the system itself (too many variables…). I usually reboot, just to be sure. :wink:

Since everything’s good with the problem you first posed here, would you “Edit” your initial post in this thread (the little finger icon towards the bottom right), and in the Subject line, place “(Resolved)” before the “Pop Mail problems” so that others can see when searching.

Glad I was able to help, even if it took a while… ;D