Poor Pingtest.net results when Comodo Firewall installed on Windows 7 32bit...

When Comodo Firewall (latest version:4.0.138377) is installed on a Windows 7 32-bit machine (antivirus and defense disabled) the results of PingTest.net are very poor : D or F. Even if I set the firewall to “disabled” I get the same results. Ping and Jitter are very long.

After removing comodo from the machine I get an “A”. I’ve also tried it on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. I’ve got the same results.

Pingtest.net mesures the quality of the internet connection for gaming or Voice over IP for example. I would’ve thought that by just setting the firewall to “disabled” that I could’ve get a good Pingtest.net result… But no… Why please?

What specific test(s) are failing?

I found out that I needed to allow incoming traffic on port 843 for my browser and made the Java application Trusted so it would allow incoming traffic.

There should be negligible impact on pingtest.net, with the firewall running, providing you allow java.exe TCP Out to port 80 and UDP to port 8080. Also allow you browser out to TCP port 843.

When I had the firewall installed for testing, I received mostly A and B scores, sometimes C, depending upon server selected and time of day.

testmy.net is a useful starting point for playing with these tests.


I’ll re-install Comodo firewall and try those settings.
But why did I get poor results when I did disabled the firewall (Right-click comodo tray icon : Firewall : Disabled) ?

In my original test the packet lost was 0%. Ping and Jitter were really bad.

Possibly because the firewall driver is still loaded and maintaining any settings you had, but that’s just a guess, I’ve never bothered to test it.