poor looking tray symbol

hi there

I find the the tray symbol of Comodo 4 doesnt look pretty. It is smaller and grey, there is no contrast if the tray folor is bright too.
Version 3 have better tray symbol.

Could this be changed back?

Agree, this icon is not the best…
+1 :-TU for something better, or the previous v3 icon.

so changes ralated to the tray icon are still possible?

If i had the magic wand :wink:

+1 for improve the system icon.

I haven’t seen it yet but I’ll take your word for it. Animate it too! That’s the one “frivolity” I allow myself on computer software, I’m a sucker for animated tray icons. :slight_smile:

It’s like my avatar, without the Avast! logo/text. :wink:

The large icon isn’t bad but the small one in tray is…

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and which the large icon do you mean?

Okay, that’s what my V3 icon looks like, or is it smaller? They could do soooo much with visuals and GUI with the whole “Comodo Dragon as a theme” thing but it just hasn’t happened yet. I like the shield as a symbol but it could be better.

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ah ok, you mean the desktop icon
Ok , it is not small but I find it could be just a little bit colorful.
v3 icon for example was OK. There was a litle red color…

It just doesn’t feel “clean” it feels crumbled… or what ever the right word is in English :wink:

IMHO it’s a scaling issue. On Win 7 at 120 DPI for example only icons from Windows’ programs look decent. Other icons are either blurry or stretched. On the other hand, on Windows XP at 120 DPI all icons looked like ■■■■.

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That’s true if the default settings were untouched. Try lowering lowering the Size values (e.g. with Active Title Bar) a little and play around until it looks fine, as if at 96 DPI.

Here’s mine at 120 DPI

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Why in the world would things like this get WORSE? ??? That make zero sense, it makes the product look second-rate. Either make an improvement or keep it the way it is.

I got a mesage that this topic has been moved, but where?

From the Beta Corner to the Beta Corner - CISv4 it was in the version 3 board…

Hello folks,

I was thinking about version CIS 4 tray icon. And I have made two different icons that comply with version 4 new color scheme (red and white), but keep the simplicity and beauty of version 3. These are just my two cents. You can come up with more suggestions too. Let’s work together and improve comodo.

With flames:


Without flames:


See you later,