Pool Shark won't work with firewall [RESOLVED]

I just installed Comodo’s personal firewall and found that one of my programs won’t work while Comodo is running. The program is a game called 3D Pool Shark. It does not access the internet. Can anyone shed any light on why it would be blocked and if so, how to stop it?


It is recommended that you will have to allow your “3D Pool Shark” on the Personal Firewall settings.

Using Comodo Personal Firewall, you can protect your system , beginning with the individual applications that you have running on your system. You can set the permission status of an application, and you can change it later on.

Application filtering rules can be added/modified/deleted through Application Control Rule Attributes

Application Control Rule Attributes

Click on the Application tab in the Configuration main screen .

Add / Edit an Application Control Rule

You can add or modify an application control rule by clicking on the Add/ Edit tab. Refer to the process of Add a New Application Rule

Remove an Application

You can remove an application by selecting it and clicking on the Remove tab.

As you say that it doesn’t connect to net, please verify this for us:

  1. When you run this app, do you see any blocked application entry under “Activity - > Logs” section?

Comodo Personal Firewall deals only with the application which make any outgoing/incoming connection, and if it is really not being blocked, would like to know what exactly doesn’t work and if this game is freely available so that we can test it out to see ourself.

Apparently the problem is with another program I installed. It is not related to Comodo. Thanks for the responses.