Captainsticks was going to respond to one of your postings concerning Polls but they all were locked.

What I noticed with the Poll I posted is the lack of voting. I think the Title/Subject might have had an influence in that most users only have 1 HD on a PC and very few have a secondary or slave drive.

For those that only have 1 drive I would have thought Option 2 with right click scan would have been convenient enabling the user to selectively scan with CCE and not requiring a full HD scan.

Hope the programmers of CCE do not look at this Poll and the lack of voting as a lack of interest in the requested features and bypass adding either.

So the Subject in a Poll is VERY Important in order to stimulate voting unlike my Poll Subject.
I probably will let it run till the middle of July and then lock it.

Just downloaded the latest update to SuperAntiSpyware and did I miss it (not used it since I added my 2nd HD, but this one allowed me to select multiple drives for scanning,
and even though Emissoft A2squared found and removed malware and so did Malwarebytes (both of those had right click scan) SuperAntiSpyware also found a Trojan hidden in F drive.

Also found a right click scan for a version of Comodo Cloud Scanner from last summer
but it does not update and I scanned my folder that contains my security and cleanup tools and it found files for TDSS and GMER as suspicious
Updates would have probably corrected these False Positives.


Hi UncleDoug,
None that I am aware of, can you please post a link to the ones that appear locked to you?
Please note: You can only vote once per Poll.

Please note that people are only going to to comment/vote on a subject they feel strongly about.

You could add the most compelling poll subject ever devised in the history of the world, but if nobody has any opinion either way, they aren’t going to respond.

This is just human nature. It’s the rare type of person who will bother to take the time to type up a reply that says, I don’t care…

Hello Captainsticks

Here is a link from the CCE topic and there were others


At the top and bottom of the post I found Notify, Mark as UnRead, Send Topic

but No Reply

But maybe Guide Lines and other instructions should be left only to the Mods to update. Comments like mine could be left for the Everything Is Off Topic or just below in a New Topic !


That is a guideline post, not a discussion about polls.

Yes, a guideline post is going to be locked because it’s a guideline, not a discussion topic.

Correct, thanks HeffeD. :-TU

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I was presuming that you was meaning the Polls that I have created. :slight_smile: