POLL - Which Browsers Are You Running And Why?

Which Browsers Are You Running And Why?

Browser - Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

Why? - In the past…was running Comodo Dragon…but Comodo browsers were not updated for quite a long time…so switched to Google Chrome.

Now Comodo browsers have been updated…but will wait & watch the update scene…And if updates are fast…may be switch to Comodo Chromodo & IceDragon as I like the icons…& Comodo security.

Multiple choice available.

Hi yessnooo,
I voted Dragon, I have always had a soft spot for Dragon.
It is my default browser.
I do also use CID sometimes.


Pale Moon (so Firefox but not).
Tried IceDragon but couldn’t get it to behave the same as PM does when modded to be like Opera 12 (ProperOpera).

Comodo dragon but going to switch to Vivaldi when it reaches a state where I’m comfortable using it.

Canary and Palemoon as they are 64 bit.

FireFox as my default Browser. Its been around a long time
& its the only one I Trust. Security & Privacy aside I love the Total Customization
Capability of this Browser when you use Classic Theme Restorer. Then you can actually
go under the hood to further customize in about:config.

With the good of course comes some bad as well…I hate the fact that they are updating Firefox
so quickly on a regular basis, they keep messing with what was good about Firefox with their drastic
changes to the UI. I told them that if I wanted a look & feel of Chrome browser I would go to that
one. Now the option screen is garbage,it doesn’t even remember the last Tab you were on like the old style.
Also in Today’s release of Firefox 40.0 the Ad ons no longer give you the Version # you have to click on More to see this.

They should give people an option to stay with a certain Version & then just give them the Security & Bug Fix

Chrome beta on Ubuntu, configured for better privacy than the default settings provide, with HTTPS Everywhere and Privacy Badger. I also have Opera Developer and Firefox stable.

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I am running cyberfox and vivaldi. I am going to use vivaldi as my primary browser once its more polished. Cyberfox is a great 64 bit compatible firefox fork. I love all the features that vivaldi has, using it i only need 1 extra extension.

Home: Chromium (Ubuntu 14.04)
Work: Comodo Dragon, Chrome and IE (Windows 7)

Prefer Chromium based browsers over Firefox (for home use). Use Dragon for non-work related stuff, Chrome for most work related stuff and IE for some sites which don’t work in Chrome.


Why not Dragon for most work related stuffs?
Any issues?

Opera 12.17 because it’s the Swiss Army Knife browser. May in time I will switch to Otter browser.

A knife whose blade is getting a bit rusty. :wink:

Otter needs more development focus… Why not Vivaldi browser? It is very promising for old Opera 12 lovers.

i was wondering the same thing.

Hi yessnooo

No reason really :-[. I suppose just to keep things seperate (personal/work). I just happen to have all my work related favourites in Chrome and stuff I browse through my work hour in Dragon. Of course, I think Dragon is the better browser but just don’t tend to use it as much now since moving to Ubuntu.


For me its Opera and Stable version

I have tried a lot of Browsers, but I keep returning to Opera :slight_smile:

Not rusty but the environment changed (think javascript performance). Other than that I love a browser with lots of useful goodies.

It sure has changed: HTTP/2, AES_GCM, ChaCha20, Opus, VP9, Media Source Extensions, just to name a few new protocols, ciphers and formats not supported by Presto-Opera. :wink:
And new HTML-features: HTML5test - How well does your browser support HTML5?

I recently switched to Firefox beta – still on Ubuntu – for better privacy. I also learned that Privacy Badger (as it now works) will stop working in future versions of Chrome. Firefox has improved a lot (Electrolysis, Quantum) in the last few years.