Poll: Which Anti-Virus?

Are you currently testing the latest beta (1.1) or staying put with your existing anti-virus for the time being. Maybe the release of version 2.0 will change your mind. Interested in hearing your comments. Btw, I’m using Comodo AntiVirus 1.1 Beta. What are you running?


I can’t test betas because My PC is my “JOB PC”. I’m waiting for CAV 2.0

Currently, CAVS 1.1 will not run on my system (under investigation by kishor) & since CAVS 2 is not yet available, I had to vote Other (avast! HE).

But, I look forward to changing my vote in the future.

Avast (for now) but I’m thinking of trying the new beta when it’s released later this month.

Before now I used comodo antivirus 1.1 beta and comodo firewall, but now I’m useing Panda antivirus+ firewall 2007 (for a testing period for 30 days). So I’m waiting comodo antivirus 2.0. I think that comodo will do next generation of their antivirus product by this period.
After uninstalling comodo antivirus 1.1 beta and instaling Panda it found many spyware, so I’m waiting new generation antivirus.

P. S. We use in about 30 computers in our organization comodo antivirus 1.1 beta. So I speak only about my own work computer. (:CLP)

I’m running CAV1.1 on a test box and will upgrade to 2.0 when available. CAV 1.1 is running nicely but I’m looking forward to the introductin of HIPS, as I think that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

ewen :slight_smile:

I cuurently use NOD32, and I’m very happy about it.
Don’t think i’ll switch soon.

Currently I’m running AntiVir PE Classic and Avast! together… They work fine together if you know how to ‘‘adjust’’ Avast! to be ‘‘compatible’’… I am vaiting for CAVS 2.0, but I probably wont trust it for my resident scanner just yet, in time when I’ll get used to it and see it can block and detect as many viruses/spyware as the competition… That’s another story. Comodo allready gained my trust with its firewall and I never looked back.

I think with CAVS it is just a metter of time. (:KWL)

NOD32 - seems very thorough and stable with very minimal user intervention required. It is far superior from my perspective to the other AV’s I’ve tried: ZA Suite, McAfee, AVG, Bit Defender. NOD32 is a bit tricky to set up but following the “Blackspear” guide makes it a breaze!

i use avast home edition. it works great with comodo firewall. i’m not sure if i will use comodo antivirus or not. i wish i had an extra computer i could experiment with it on when it comes out of beta.

I use 1.1 beta.When that new version 2 will be relisted?

The CAVS 2 target is currently mid-October.

hmmmmm.ok!but it was said in 18 september.

I believe that’s the target release for the new CAVS 1.1 beta. Sorry, I thought you asked about CAVS 2 (stable release version).

Yes I did.I have another question yesterday database had 178909 signitures.Today there is 178901.8 are missing (:NRD)


CAVS beta 2 should be about the 18th September. When this is released Comodo can give a more accurate date for the final release based on feedback from the beta about bugs, etc. Currently the stable is planned for mid-october.



It may be that some false positives were removed from the database.


Personally, I’ve no idea as I don’t run CAVS (see above). But, I don’t think this is right topic to ask these sorts of questions… we’ll soon have some Mod jumping up & down with a “topic polution” post.

… or maybe not. Since Mike is a Mod. ;D


I agree with what you say. As the question sort of did come from the topic of the thread I think it’s Ok, but any further questions it’s best to start a new thread so questions or problems can be dealt with more easily. :slight_smile:



I currently run CAVS 1.1 on my machine, true it needs a lot of work done on it, but it is a beta, detection needs work also, but Comodo is getting better with each update. I also know a little information about viruses so if I do get infected for some reason that I can remove them. I once got infected by a worm, I was able to disable it and remove it without the help of software, but it is of course better to not get infected in the first place, which is why I am using CAVS and can’t wait until CAVS 2.

P.S. As Mike said, if you have other questions please start another topic with them this is not the place :).