Poll: What do you expect of the V.3 ?

The poll ended since the new version 3 is availeble

preferably all of them ;D . If I have to choose one of the three, I’d say lighter. Difficult things can be learned so they become easy and I don’t realy have such heavy security problems, it shouldn’t even be that much stronger than windowd firewall (but it should have descent in and outbound protection)

I would also have selected all 3 based on my prediction of what it will become, but since I’m limited to 1 choice, I picked strength since security is still the most important factor to me.

All 3 are very crucial for a security software. Since it’s “security” I’ll choose the 3rd one.

I added 2 more options !!!
But I still give you just one vote (:TNG)

Aha! Good thing I waited… Now I get to vote for fully stable without any bugs.

Since it’s already strong, already light, and so forth, but there have been some issues with what cannot be called anything but “bug” (I’m thinking primarily of the high CPU usage some users have experienced), then I think that’s most important at this point…


Perhaps I get the “Better chose” out of it to get a better image.

Weird, I thought everyone would prefer a stable product over a more secure one.

Its like saying would you rather have a product that can stop a malware thats not out yet and annoy you to hell or a product that actually works properly instead but doesnt block everything. When i say properly i mean when you press deny it will deny not allow or when you block a virus using firefox you want to be able to use firefox after.

No, that’s not it. If you read through all the posts, you’ll notice that the topic starter didn’t add the stability option until later. It started out with only the first 3 choices.

Oh, ok.

Although, “It must be fully stable without any bug” is an unrealistic dream since every program contains bugs; “with minimum bugs” would be more accurate.

How about more configurable :slight_smile:

Out of all the choices, the only one that matters is that it is stable and does not have any bugs. No matter how secure, light, etc. it is it would be worthless if it was not stable.

I’d go with
4)It must have a very attractive interface
Ya right (:WIN)
I think strength is the most Important Flexability ability to be customized to specific needs are the most important for a firewall
So I voted 3

I added some thought of you guys and started the poll again (I’ve started with 3 options and now have 6 I think :slight_smile: )

Sry for the ones that already voted :-\

Why not make it so folks can change their vote?

They can I think

No they can’t, but don’t worry. I fixed it for you. :slight_smile:


It looks like not many people seems to like voting