Poll: uTorrent 1.6 or 1.6.1+?

There have been rumours that uTorrent 1.6.1 has suspicious code in it like DRM or spyware ever since it was purchased by BitTorrent and became closed-source. I personally don’t know and am doubtful the latest versions are as bad as some think.

So what version are you using and why? What are other major differences between the two?

Right now, Opera and Emule. I don’t care for Bitorrent, only the torrent. :smiley:

I think the torrent client does matter because can affect the number of available sources or if it’s even accepted by some trackers. This is more applicable when the file(s) you’re trying to download is rare. I remember there was a time (probably still) that clients like BitComet were banned for “cheating”. The Opera one doesn’t work for me for some reason (very slow and doesn’t have info about the peers you’re downloading from).

Running 1.6.1
Was using bitcomet but never really liked it, getting too bloated with crap I didn’t need. So did a google and found utorrent. Downloaded the lastest ver1.6.1 installed and using ever since. Have had no problems so far (3 or 4 months now).
Joined the utorrent forum and found a lot of posts from those who are sticking with 1.6 for varying reasons.
Had decided not to allow it to update, will stick with 1.6.1

Running 1.6.1…
Well there’s a lot of speculation in the uTorrent Community about the new merge. And so many of them have already left the community as well. Well I’m gonna just see what happens. And is there a replacement for uTorrent.
Heard of a one called Halite BitTorrent client. dunno whether it’s good!

Halite BitTorrent client


Speculation and some anger amongst parts of the community. Quite a bit of colorful discussion on the merge and whether 1.6.1 is spying on us. :o
I really can’t see an acceptable alternative to utorrent for me at this time. Bitcomet has a bad reputation for either bullying or as some have said “downright cheatin” and as I updated to later versions it seemed to get buggier and slower.
For some reason or other never really liked Azureus. Installed it and removed a few days later, same with bittornado and some others.
Utorrent, for me, is fast. light, easy to use and not overly resource hungry.
Have seen Halite discussed but thats all I know. Worth finding more info about if an alternative to
utorrent is required because it is proven that it’s turning me in to mediasentry etc. ;D

I think Halite is still beta and new. Will wait and see.

I started out with bitcomet, but then switched to the tiny uTorrent and was happy since. I just don’t like the idea of the newer 1.6.1+ integrating browser support like Bitcomet so as to avoid becoming “bloated”.

Agree with you. After reading through the utorrent forums I would have prefered 1.6.

After updating to 1.6.1 I had several torrents in queue. After updating they all froze up. No seeds, nothing. I double checked my PG and firewall. No issues there. I rollbacked to 1.5 and they took off again. This was rumored to happen before it did and people were warned it would happen since ther merger.

uTorrent was never open-source, that’s why Bittorrent,Inc bought it .
The “original” Bittorrent-client developed by Bram Cohen IS open-source
and he can’t just close-source it .
With all the deals Bittorrent,Inc has made with retspan
and various content-providers (MAFIAA-members) they need a client where people
can’t poke around in the source-code and see what is really happening …
If you insist on not using the best torrent-client (Azureus) then stick with uTorrent 1.6

Good idea, but best is a relative term. I’ll stick with the most light-weighed client. :smiley:

Now that 1.7 is out, has anyone tried it? I’ve read that there are speed problems compared to 1.6x.

I use 1.6.1 - I thought this was the last version before the buy out :-\

Also I heard that some sites have banned the new 1.7 version (:SAD)

Actually, the very last version before the buy-out is 1.6 build 474. I haven’t upgraded due to the influence of the FUD and other reported bugs with later builds, particularly the speed ones.

I’ve also seen on the uTorrent forum that trackers ban 1.7 because it was still beta until recently. Only time will tell.

can i be cheeky… could you email me v 1.6? i cant find it for d/l :THNK

I can, but it might be better that I post the link just in case there are others who start requesting it: Download uTorrent 3.6.0 for Windows - Filehippo.com

FileHippo is one of my most fav and trusted download sites for software older versions


Thanks for the link Soya :Beer

I just upgraded to 1.6.1 and experienced no problems whatsoever. To be safe I deleted the 1.6 setting files prior to installing the new version and reconfigured everything from scratch. The overall speed has more consistently increased by at least 2 to 3 kB/s. This I know because I have reached my peak download rates through observing it. Another advantage is the buffer overflow vulnerability is fixed in this one.