POLL: The great office debate.

What is your preferred office application?
The good, the bad, the ugly.
Thanks in advance for all your comments/feedback/votes etc.

i voted for libreoffice. its great that its constantly being developed and bugs are always fixed.


IBM Lotus Symphony :-TU

Based on Open Office, but just has the three programs I use:- Word Processor, Spreadsheet & Presentation.

I would have carried on using Lotus Smartsuite, but not been updated or maintained for several years so it’s been left behind and has become outdated :cry: so switched to their new suite :slight_smile:

I switched to Libre when development stopped on OpenOffice.

Now that OpenOffice has changed hands (again…) and is in development again, I’m perfectly happy with Libre, so I’ll stick with it.

M$ office is fine if you can afford it. I personally don’t feel it’s worth the money though, because Libre and OpenOffice can open/save all of the M$ office file types, and they’re free.

Thanks everyone for your comments and votes.
I have always run MS office because I have a retail version and have never tried free suites before.

I have recently acquired another system which will not be main system, but a reasonable working system none the less.
On that system was an older version of OpenOffice V2.1, this got me thinking of trying a more current version of a free suite.
After a little research I realised that OpenOffice has stop/started and jumped around a bit, so I looked around for alternatives.
I came across quite a few, but going by Google search feedback and now your votes I will give LibreOffice a try.
The other 2 that did get good feedback from my research are Kingsong Office Suite free and IBM Lotus Symphony which Dolphin66 recommended above.

Once again thanks for your responses from Captainsticks.

I voted for MSOffice primarily because there are several critical pieces of middleware that are required for work and will only work on the Office platform.

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Lotus Symphony is really, really nice!!!

Thanks Panic,
MSOffice has always IMO been a very reliable program that integrates very well.
Granted MS Office is not free, but I do understand your reasons for your vote to swing that direction.

At home, LibreOffice on my computer, laptop and tablets. I use MS Office at work but also have LibreOffice installed.


MSO. Very robust and reliable these days. When sending/receiving/sharing documents, etc… to/from/with different people/organisations MSO is a must. But, I do find the cost very prohibitive.

That’s the real key - the certainty that what you create can be read by its intended audience.

Sadly I’m going to have to vote for Microsoft Office. I haven’t found anything else that’s as robust, easy to use, and as compatible as Microsoft Office. It is expensive, but so far I haven’t found any suitable free alternative.

I have installed LibreOffice on the other computer without any problems, but I have to agree MS Office does appear easier to use.
Time and use might help.

MSO. Probably the best office suite in existence today.

Thanks everyone,
I will use LibreOffice for a while and if it doesn’t feel suited after some time I will install MS as my key covers up to 3 computers.