[POLL] Takes care Comodo about the wishlist?

Usually there is a normal wishlist here: Comodo Forum
I don’t remember the day when a wish from there was added to CIS.

In this beta they requested us to post again our wishes here: https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-cis/comodo-internet-security-5-beta-wishlist-t60084.0.html
And after three releases and 191 post they have added nothing. Most of the wishes are little things that don’t take a long time.

The interface has dozens of glitches reported since the first beta and are still present, some of them are already in CIS4. It’s ok fix the bug in the AV, sanbox… but there is somebody working in the interface? Seems that there are few people behind Comodo development.

Now even the bugs are features of Comodo: https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-cis/all-systems-are-active-and-running-t60642.0.html

This is not a bug, it's by design and only showing if CIS subsystems are active and running. It does not indicate if you set some component to disabled or not...

I would like to request a new RC or whatever you want where the aim of Comodo developers team would be to add as many wishes from the wishlist as possible, of course the reasonable ones.
There are many good ideas that would make Comodo much better.

The best kind of wishlist http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ if Comodo can do the same would be great.

It is just necessary to take out each offer on voting, to spray forces certainly silly, and votings are necessary in the course of working out, instead of in the course of operational development when it is already difficult to bring what or changes (but it next time)

But even now it is possible make, there are moderators, what already from ready wishes to make the questionnaire - and you will see, how you will make an unsurpassed competition… remember firefox and etc.

PS: guys, it is not necessary to hurry up, it is necessary to do as for itself, I don’t believe that you don’t see a flaw. Present the cook who prepares if only to weld instead of that it was tasty.

PS: but it not our business where to steer the wheel, will want Melih, will hear, won’t want - isn’t present. Voting by feet the most effective method.

PSS: anything personal, but I very much would want that such community as Comodo developed, I will be glad to it, but to dash against the rock have bothered. Melih, think as to make all happy and thus to earn money, it is possible - but now it is a road to nowhere and there are on it fans.

Hello ImlookingDefence,

No offence but I don’t get what you’re saying.


Don’t take offense too, only give reason why you don’t agree with me, we not on interview - so we will improve nothing…

Simply look than results of voting will end it it is better than an exchange of opinions… fans don’t create culture, only the critic.

To be honest I agree with Mack that your way of formulating things is peculiar and makes it hard to understand what you are trying to convey.

Simply look than results of voting will end it it is better than an exchange of opinions... fans don't create culture, only the critic.
Let's see what the voting brings.

The ubuntu brainstorm is open source, Comodo can easily use the source code.

Another similar one: http://feature.astaro.com/forums/17359-astaro-gateway-feature-requests

With a little adjustments on the layout (with a summary or something similar), it would be a great idea to discuss technology imho.

You have to be careful about design by committee. You could end up with a program that looks like it was designed by a committee. ;D

However, usually features that get an overwhelming vote… 90% or more, are winners.

Indeed. Fully right. But, to discuss, if you catch relevant points, I think it’s a good idea.
This is a negative though :cry:

We can think positively :slight_smile:

The very first CIS beta (3.5) was released to testing on 11th September 2008.

That is less than 2 years ago, so Comodo staff have been concentrating ■■■■■■■ the grand design.

When you develop a free product of the complexity of this, it is hardly surprising that the rounding details have to wait till later.

Does anyone remember the purple pixel that was discussed at length here on the forum and the endless discussions about the GUI? Mere detail.

It’s OK for us to entertain ourselves by chatting about these things, but employee man hours are expensive and I can’t even begin to imagine what the development has cost.

How long have the other Security providers been operating and they still make changes every year, so I think we should wait patiently for now and enjoy the amazing product that CIS has become.

Who would have thought two years ago that CIS would be being compared today with industry leading programs. I was using CAVS2 then and they used to laugh about it’s detection, around the 50% level if I remember correctly.

I realized, I’m sorry guys, next time I will clearly explain ideas. I just such a man accustomed to speak epithets. And as the maximalist - am sharp in his judgments. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to say that it would be very productive to bring the interaction of open software, but did not disclose the source code - to find a balance. :-TU

With best wishes to all, Alex.

The same thought in my head. If implemented, it will be great, especially the developers should be easier, here for what this all . I already thought of the name - the Comodo idias cloud generator (CICG) ;D.
But seriously, why not use the intellect ~100000 forum participants willing to share ideas in return for free products Comodo. Just organize it all with care.

Best regards, Alex.

Fully agree.

This subject takes me back to the days of my using the Media Center created by JRiver and how they set up their development forums.


I believe that company was one of the best companies in the hearing and implementing of their customer based wishes. They have released numerous versions of their Media Center since my beginning usage of the product clear back since version 3, and they are now working on version 15. They put out builds almost two or three times per week.

And I do believe that they are working with a couple of developers. I know there is not much complexity to their product as per se the excellent Comodo CIS but, there is always room for improvement.

Roger :slight_smile:

i voted no. i think Devs dont follow the wishlists carefully.


I cannot see my answer in the poll, sorry.My opinion>Yes, but not enough.

those ~100000 forum participants are more like 50. ;D

Well 50 or 100 are better than nothing.

With the actual method of wishlist all the wishes are lost with each release

there are still some missing parts in the product and they promised to implement them since V4 , especially the cleaning capabilities of which there is no progress since the last year. ! :-\

A demo of ideatorrent: http://www.ideatorrent.org/

http://demo.ideatorrent.org/ Comodo should have one! it’s free