[Poll] Should hostname lookup be available in the firewall traffic list?

When running applications that are ‘somewhat trusted’ or even a system executable (svchost) it can be a nuisance determining where the application is connecting to. Sure it isn’t all that bad to open a cmd console and do an nslookup (or querying whois information) on the IP yet if the application makes multiple connections you could be hard pressed to keep up or remember the IPs used before they disappear from the list. In today’s world where systems come with everything except the kitchen sink pre-installed it might be nice to know what an IP being connected to is used for.

Would an option (either as a remembered setting or a context menu item) that could be enabled to show the resolved hostname information for an IP be helpful? Perhaps even, a full whois available in the context menu?

It would be nice…
But only if this feature will not take a lot of traffic/memory/CPU resources
So it would be nice but it is not so important

I would suggest that it only be on demand. Having doing lookups on everything by default would have a bit of resource overhead involved. It would be nice if you could do a whois on an IP you are unsure of on a case by case basis though.

For me it would be enough to have “Copy remote IP” (or/and “Copy connection’s details”) item in the right click menu.