Poll regarding Comodo Firewall Registration.


I received an email, wherein it was suggested to pose my comment below in the form of a poll.

My original comment was:

"think word of mouth is best but there is a big stumbling block with the forced registration. I can’t just share your firewall. I need to also give them my registration code or get them to register, which is really meaningless and it is statistically flawed.

The registration should be optional. That is holding CFP back in my view"

This is just my opinion, on the table, as it were.

After you have voted, if you wish to elaborate on your vote, that would be appreciated.



In a true Comodo tradition, anything and everything we do is up for improvement.
as I always say:

“Nothing is perfect”… that to me means: “Everything can be improved”…
SWC raised an interesting topic that does deserve a thorough discussion.

Please lets contribute and figure the best way possible.


Personally, I would prefer not to have to register. That said, if Comodo are using this as a means of finding out how many users are using their firewall (or other products), then that is fine by me :). After all, their product are free, so you can’t complain.


Thanks for your response Graham.
Let me explain why we have what we have.

We want to know
1)how many installations of our products take place (shows the take up on the product and momentum)
2)how many people are upgrading it (this gives us the no of installed base, roughly)

We do not know how many downloads are taking place as these downloads are scattered all around the internet.

We need the ability to measure the “success” of the firewall so that we know so that we can increase our spending on it.
For example: the recent successes of CPF led us to triple its dev team!

I am more than happy to employ any other technique that we all come up with and agree to, that provides the above stats. Or any other clever way of measuring success of the product.


Would it not be possible to download CF (without having to submit an email address) and then once installed, select a button on the interface (say Activate) that would then contact your servers and issue an ID number (which would then appear within the firewall). Then once an update is available, run update which would then contact your servers again. Your servers would then know that this firewall had already been activated, issue the update and then make an ammendment for your ID.

I have CF running on three of my computers with which I used my original key for all of them (having saved the CF installation file). I guess this would only show as one installation. Using the above method would show as three installations.


Edit: However, I guess the down side of this would be if the same installation had to be re-installed (say because of problems) then this would count as two installations rather than the one.

In another post I suggested that downloading be redirected to CNET’s download.com. It will show you how many total downloads have occurred and how many for the previous week. When you come out with a new version, you can start tracking it’s success.

Registration should be optional.

the above method will allow malicious attacks on the registration server. User generated “something” with no authentication of that user generated data is susceptible to vulnerability.
However, you can, today, download, CPF with no registration and use it, after 30 days it will ask you to register. here is the download link that allows you to download and install without any registration. http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/download/setup.exe


Thanks for the link Melih :). I have been using the updater within the firewall (works very well). Whether we need to register or not, I’m not too bothered.


np Graham.
I truly am trying to find the best solution though for everyone as well as Comodo.
Some people don’t like registration, and I want to resolve it for them, of course I have to make sure to maintain the ability to measure its success otherwise we won’t do our users a service by not reflecting its success by returning more investment in the product because we can’ t measure it.


Maybe these users don’t understand your reasons for registering (hopefully through this thread, they will now). Who knows, someone may now come up with another method which will benifit both these users and yourself (Comodo).


Thanks for explaining the reasons for the reigistration Melih.

Personally I dont care if Comodo, or any software maker, wants to have an email adress. If they feel it is gaining them and that is the price I have to pay for free software - no problem. Very, very extremely small price to pay for a software like Comodo Firewall.

I never give my real email to anyone I dont know. Avoiding spam is really that simple. I always roll my eyes everytime someone complains about spam (which I have not seen in many years)

I didnt know comodo when I first downloaded the software so I used a trash email adress that I only use once, (dodgeit.com) to get the registration key. Maybe software vendors do not like this practice, ie messing up their statistics, but I do like to protect my privacy.

I have since the first download learned to trust comodo and submitted one of my real email adresses. I have one gmail adress that I use only for non-private stuff. ( Thats the beauty of internet, you can choose how private you want to be :slight_smile: ) I have not recived any spam, if anyone is afraid of that, in fact I have not recived anything other than an initial mail and the registration key from Comodo the month I have used comodo.

Comodo is gaining my trust every new day :slight_smile:

I voted Yes. If the developers know, that a millions people is using Comodo, they have reason to continue developing it and keep it for free as well, so the users benefith from it. :slight_smile:

I dont mind registering for a product as good as this,i have been spreading the word on other forums about comodo.
One such forum is the web user magazine who now recommend your products,great news.
I am really over the moon with all this. (:CLP) (:HUG) (:WAV)

Yes! It is no big deal to submit an email and name for registration.

I really did not mind the registration process either. As other have said if you are concerned about spam just use a fake email to get your key. I had a bad experience with the CAVS, but I feel the firewall is rock solid. My confidence in Comodo was shaken but is building again. The reason that Comodo needs for us to register is to put more resources into making it even better. That is alright with me. Possibly a disclaimer for the reason would make the situation better.

I agree with above posters… I think it’s a low price to pay, for a free firewall.
I voted NO anyway, because there is people out there just looking for a reason NOT to use or recommend a software, because of the smallest unimportant thing, like a registration. So i think that Comodo would get more customers without registration. Personally i would say yes…
Just remember the screeming voices about Launchpad… It sounded like it jumped out of their computer and put needles in their eyes :o, after it forced them to push buttons and buy things they didn’t want… :‘(
There will always be people like that… (:AGY)
-Switch to Linux!
-Buy a Mac!
-It’s not free! They want my email! :’(
and so on…

I would prefer Comodo provide direct download link without any registration to download and install.
The registration should be optional after 30 days.

I have voted YES as well. I do see how one may want to show others , or have them try the firewall without the registration, I truly do. I must also say that even with many paid versions of software, people freely give out their e-mail because it’s paid for or some even ask for e-mail to register to use a bought software or you won’t get upgrades\updates. Perhaps one solution would be for Comodo to emphesize the fact that e-mails will NOT be used for wrong purposes. It seems many are concerned about this. Then there are some who “claim” they get spam from Comodo which doesn’t help. Not to mention Comodo anti-spam would not help their cause if this were true, lol.
A very bold, in your face, explanation on the download page would help. To gain trust of users who must register, I think this trust comes before the “why” they should even use the product. If they don’t trust the registering, they won’t trust using the product.


If you click my signature-banner you will get a direct download, and 30 days before reg…

Thanks Sukarof.