[Poll] Only for users not already using Version 6.

Please vote, remembering only for users not currently using Version 6.
Thank you.

Yes a switch to v6 is sure from my end once the stats are back as they are in v5… Also a bit of less complexity to reach advance settings…

If only a functional summary screen and stop support version 5, may be have to look for an alternative. >:( But oh, how not want. Very nice, easy and free product. FW -supper. Quick access to the locking and control network. But we want to use the entire product CIS- AV+ FW.
Comodo should not forget those who are already with the age and health(I do not mean me. ;)), it is difficult to learn and use new versions.
We will look and think further.
Good luck Comodo. :-TU

Well I’m not using any CIS right now. But Yes I’ll return to CIS 6 when the summary screen is back. But believe me this is not the thing that will make users from V5 to switch to V6, we need to see more usability implemented in V6. Let’s see what Comodo is cooking for us. Thank you for the poll. :-TU

Regards RealNature,

I’m sure some will be happy with the return of a summary screen, however, adding functionality, without addressing the general UI problems, won’t really help.

It is already very easy to reach the advanced settings by just adding it to the taskbar. I think it’s easier and laid out better than in 5.12 if you just do that one simple thing.

The topic is for those not using version 6, Moreover and off topic, I completely disagree with your comment. Please don’t reply in this thread.

Please consider the entire thread to be only for those not using version 6 as well.

While I agree with you Dch48 that version 6 is just as easy, if not easier to use…
Captainsticks put in the OP, “for users currently NOT using version 6.”

Edit: Chiron beat me to the chase. Please delete post if off topic.

You’re using v6 so please refrain from posting. You have made your opinion abundantly clear in other topics. It is now time to let the users of 5.1x speak.

Chiron beat me to it too…

Have to wait and see. I had a severe slowness issue with v6; that will have to be remedied, too.

CIS 6 is very good, I for example can make my custom settings, CIS 5 in the previous version it was not possible in most cases.
the interface is better, missing only a summary of information connections, processes and locked files.

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Restoring the summary screen is a step in the good direction, but not enough to stir me to use V 6. I only consider it when the old functionality of the tray icon and the usability of the GUI’s components are brought back as well. Unless this is done, I’ll stay with V 5 as long as possible.

If I’m not yet on CIS 6, it’s not because of the user interface. Rather, I’m waiting for the most annoying bugs to be ironed out. I have the feeling that with CIS 5.12, configured as per Chiron’s advice, I have 95%+ of the security of CIS 6, without the bugs (and, yes, I am aware that every software has it’s bugs, but nothing noticeable when using CIS 5.12).

I will add 5 other reasons for waiting:

-CPU time of the antivirus can not be seen, as new processes spawn all day.

-The cache is built and rebuilt and cleaned. I dont like redundant processes.

-The program should stop phoning when there is no setting enabled for phoning.

-The logs should be readable without resizing of each thing in each row every time.

-The update should not tell me that there is no update (best it should not say it at all if i disable the notes)

Liosant, this topic is for those who aren’t using version 6. Comments that the GUI of version 6 is better are off-topic. !ot!

Thanks to everyone for your votes. :slight_smile:

I agree, I really like the layout of version 6

Sorry, I’m a bit late to the party as I’ve only just noticed this thread. In general I actually didn’t mind V6, but my problem with Version 6 was the general usability of it, not the summary screen.

When written down it sounds like nit-picking, but I just didn’t get on with it as well as I did with V5. I mainly just use the Firewall part of it and spend most of my time in the Log Viewer and the Network Security Policy screens (Application Rules, Network Zones, Port Sets, etc), where I set/adjust things manually.

You’ll have to bear with me as I’m trying to think from memory, as I haven’t had V6 on my machine for a while, but I seem to remember it was things along the lines of the following:

  1. Everything was too spaced out, so when dealing with lots of rules it wasn’t very nice to work with.

  2. When using the scroll wheel to go through the rules, it would jump big chunks at a time.

  3. When I would expand the view on all the rules, when I went back in, they were all collapsed again.

  4. One of the screens (I can’t remember which one) would insist on automatically adjusting my column spacing.

It’s had to explain because when looking at the screenshots, in theory it looks fine. But in reality, V5 just worked better for me. I guess I just prefer the ‘rawness’ of V5. V6 is like putting big comfy leather seats in a rally car. ;D