Poll on PC Advisor Magazine



I Like how Panda Antivirus is on there even though its getting more target by fake AV’s :slight_smile:

Revision 1: Correction, STILL getting targeted by AV’s but other than that it works good…if you have a fast computer :slight_smile:

voted, CAV of course.

Seen this claim http://free.agnitum.com/index.php, the upstarts.


Voted. I have tried quite a lot but CIS I’m here to stay.

Note that this poll isn’t asking which product you prefer, merely which ones you’ve used.

CAV voted :wink:

CAV Voted (although its old) :smiley:


Of coure I did vote on Comodo Antivirus but the 5th position really should remind people of Comodo that there is a time to change …

As HeffeD said, this isn’t a “which one is best” poll. I really don’t know why they would even put CAV in a poll as a standalone app.

This is a very bad Poll for a number of reasons

no1 reason -Using proxies will allow allow any one to multi vote to up rank a certain product,

2- if a company had one thousand employees and they were encouraged to vote in anyway
their product would come first …

3-Some people -even in this forum- still advise other users to use some third party antivirus with Comodo firewall … when they really don’t need any other antivirus, it’s just something they are used to , and it’s hard for them to change,

Why put only CAV, and not CIS in the poll?, that’s called directing …

all in all < it’s not really important , and I personally think that there could be something hidden behind it
it’s just not logical, the way they conducted the poll , …

so for PCAdvisor this is a big minus :-TD

It’s just asking which products you’ve tried…

Yes , I know, but why do it ? there must be a logical reason behind it
especially if you at least doubt that you will get straight honest answers,

and if only so, then it’s really not important and it’s the first to come out of the lot are the ones that were launched first, so why ask something you already know the answer to :a0 :a0

here’s an update just to make a point ;D

let’s suppose that I wrongfully thought that the poll was to get a sense on which antivirus people like the most, so I of course voted comodo AV.

After I sent the vote I realized my mistake and understood that the poll is to see which one/ones I used at anytime, so, being a moral guy, and knowing that I used almost all of them except microsoft thing :D, and Panda, so I decided to correct my mistake by either asking some of my friends to vote for the others I didn’t vote for , use a proxy, or find other computers in the house, work place , that don’t have the same IP to correct my mistake, …

now let’s see:

***after doing that my tally would be zero, and it will not affect the poll at all, and so will the tally of almost everyone else. People usually try different products until they decide which ones they wana continue to use …
***there are some missing antivirus software, why aren’t they included? clamav for example a cloud antivirus which is superior to panda cloud, even though they just cluttered it lately, it used to be just a simple cloud antivirus that really did the job and had no noticeable effect on the system resources.
***I tried finding a list of antivirus software sorted out according to the date of launch, reason is that I think the list order just/almost show that …

and I thought that this poll will only make sense to me if they wanted to know if people still use the first antivirus softwares , but the question could’ve been a little different, and they should enclude all known descent antivirus apps . I also used Norton ad some time ago, and no matter what I think about them now, it is just a matter of honour and honesty to vote for them also in the poll .

If they say it’s only for free products, that would be really questionable, because I can’t ,to say the least, consider a company that forces you to supply your email information to use their product, and am not here saying that is right or wrong, - it’s just not for me - … why put them in the same poll with comodo that has everything and ask you forr nothing to use their products, I can even disable the message center which is very important to me, or, so no one would accuse me of being blindly pro comodo, Avira , which I considered at one time the closest stand alone antivirus to a firewall is hit hard by this poll, and so are others .

so again

why this poll, I wana vote, I wana know why I am voting :-La