Poll: New name for Comodo CPF v3.. we need your help :) [Closed]

As you all know CPF v3 is just around the corner!

CPF is fast becoming a total Anti Malware solution, a proactive defense solution, an Anti hacker product. So calling it just a firewall might not do it a justice… we need to come up with a better name for it (we think)…
so we need suggestions about what we could call it and we need your input asap (cos we need to launch this baby :slight_smile: )
here are some names to start with… PLEASE HELP US WITH COMING UP MORE NAMES…

1 - Comodo Malware Prevention Suite/System
2 - Comodo Hacker Prevention Suite/system
3 - Comodo Anti Hacker
4 - Comodo Anti Malware
5 - Comodo Proactive Defense at the moment this is the beta name for it
6 - Comodo Proactive Security System

V3 will be kind of tool, that will literally stop malware (including rootkits) from infecting your system. So if you got a clean system after installing v3, you can pretty much say bye bye to any infection… So we need a befitting name pls…

thanks for all the help… get the grey cells working :slight_smile:


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hello Comodo Security Suite Pro

For what they’re worth;

  1. Comodo I-Defend

  2. Comodo Perimiter Defence

  3. Comodo Perimiter Security

  4. Comodo SecureWall

  5. Comodo Condom (it beats Trojans ;))

Ewen :slight_smile:

Comodo Defense Network Pro

Comodo V3 Wall

Comodo V3 Network Pro

Comodo Stop-Anything-And-Everything-Relating-To-Hackers Pro (I know I’m a smartass)

Do I get it free if you use my any of my suggestions? (:TNG)


But that’s too narrow. It’ll handle more than just trojans ;D.

  • Comodo Total Defense
  • Comodo Absolute Defense
  • Comodo Trusty Shield
  • Comodo Complete Security
  • Comodo Anti Crackers
  1. Comodo Active Perimeter

  2. Comodo Active Perimeter Defence

Comodo Proactive Defence Monitor Pro :slight_smile:

[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Comodo Firewall III[/size][/size][/size]

keep it simple

People know they need an AV and a FW.
Comodo Firewall III defines it for the greatest number of people.

I like CPF 3 - but I can see why you want a name to better reflect it’s capabilities.

How about:

Comodo Secure
Comodo Secure Shield
Comodo Security Shield
Comodo Net Shield
Comodo System Defender
Comodo System Armor
Comodo Secure Armor


If you want the maximum number of people using your Firewall
you must not confuse people.

Most people don’t even know what a firewall is exactly, only that they should have one to block bad stuff.

People Google “Firewall” not “secure shield”, “perimeter security”, “Hacker Prevention Suite/system” etc.

It is great that the Comodo Firewall III is going to do more than the usual firewall but basically it is still a firewall.

Let then install the “Comodo Firewall III” A firewall that “blocks bad stuff”.

[size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Comodo Firewall III[/size][/size][/size][/size]

You cannot go wrong…(period)

Yes, don’t confuse people. Firewall is always firewall.

CPF3 or Comodo Advanced firewall

They may have a point about how the majority of people may not understand about firewalls, but “firewall” is the term that they recognise as pertaining to PC security.

How about “Comodo Firewall Plus”?

ewen :slight_smile:

How about "Comodo Firewall Plus"?

I thought of that.

But, the only “plus” is that it will do more than other firewalls not more than what a firewall should do.

It will be doing what a firewall should do, not a firewall and them some.

“Plus” denotes that it does more than a firewall. Such as an Antivirus, spyware, cookie control, addblocker, etc; application

If you leave the plus out. Then by calling it a Firewall you set the standard higher for what a firewall is and should be.

Therefore with [size=10pt][size=10pt]Comodo Firewall III[/size][/size] you have a firewall that does more than any other firewall.

You do not want to try to rely on the name to describe what it does. The power users will know that it does more than the usual FW and will promote it.

When I hear: “Plus” or “Pro” or “Suite” or “Ultimate”, I think of a program that is bloated with more than I want or need.

Ask any high end advertising agent or marketing group. They will tell you for the best success of the product:[size=10pt] “Comodo Firewall III”[/size]

Comodo Ultimate Security Suite

Comodo Ultimate Protection

Just make sure that you include the word “Ultimate”… For some reason ppl just love it…(and of courese premium…But I like Ultimate…)

I dont need an “Ultimate Security Suite”


i thought we are talking about marketing strategies here…

i thought we are talking about marketing strategies here...

We are.

But they want to market a good solid FIREWALL

And If I was marketing a Firewall, I’d call it a Firewall.

When you want to get a pizza delivered, do you look in the yellow pages under auto repair?

But one of the main purposes of advertising and marketing is product differentiation, and as CFP3 is going to be breaking the mould as far as firewalls are concerned, maybe they want to go with something that suggests firewalls but doesn’t irrevocably tie them to the traditional perception of a firewall.

Just food for thought.

ewen :slight_smile:

That’s CEO speaking Cliffhucker not me…:slight_smile:

That makes alot of sense.
However, for a product to stand the test of time it must be a good solid product.
You tell me you have a superior firewall called “Comodo Firewall” not “Comodo bells and whistles” and I will try it.
Either it sucks and I stop using it or
It really proves to be solid and I stick with it and tell everyone I know about it.
And then they tell some people etc.

Word of mouth is the strongest most effective marketing sales tool which will stand the test of time much more than some snappy name that lures me in.

And if you want someone to remember the name of a firewall, what better than " [size=10pt]Comodo Firewall III[/size] ?