Please users post you vote. Regardless of the new version I’ll keep this poll open



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Useful, but should REALLY have a disable button.

it IS useful, though seems that it’s not. all i can say - it urgently needs improvements.

Agreed. It is useful, but the user should be able to disable it and to exclude some paths.

it is very useful, but it shouldn’t replace Def+ alerts, which it unfortunately often does, like when an executable is modified and simply sent to the the pending file list, and there is no alert…
…see my post here:

I think designed more for developers/programmers etc so is useful to some people but probably not the majority.

Disable would be good as long as d+ took over.

Nice 1 Matty

It’s useful, since it’s crucial part of how D+ works. The poll should be “Is Pending files the most annoying part of Comodo”?

I would reply YES. It becomes a real pain after a few days. I wish the devs find a way to eliminate them.

and what happens after a few days? sorry if I ask, I’m just curious…

If you have a stable configuration and don’t install nothing, new, few happens. If you install often things, of if you have the misfortune of having Bit Defender as antivirus, that creates new pending files after every hourly update, you kinda get nervous clicking to icon-Pending files-purge-move to safe files, go to safe files, purge, remove.

Comodo is very nice, but i hope it finds another way to work with the D+.

(:SAD) but hey, good luck! (:WAV)

I agree.

Pending files are really annoying, they should be used only for installation mode, otherwise, the Firewall AND Defense+ should use hashchecking and display hash modification alerts instead of simply putting the file in pending files list. The dependence of firewall on Defense+ for file modification control is another issue that would be resolved by this.

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve posted many times about that but still, noone from the Comodo development team has brought any answer. Hope they’ll take this into account for a future release, as a HIPS that doesn’t do checksum verification loses much power. I know that in most cases the prevention system of CFP would intercept a trojan before a file is modified, but just in case guys, a bit of detection would not harm, before an “accidentally” modified and infected file is launched, instead of just sending it to the pending file list.
But at the contrary of other users, even in the case of a checksum verification + alert and something’s wrong, I still want the file to be sent to the pending file list to keep a track of it (could also be sent automatically to the quarantine list btw) and decide what I want to do with it from there.

I agree with riggers, this tool is useful for programmers, in my case I had a folder with applications written in VB 2005 and for me is useful, but when you do an update of a program recognized as Trusted, in the D+ it’s nosense to fill My Pending Files. That is really the complaints of most of the users, for me it is indeed a minor annoyance, when I see files in My Pending Files and are files of a upgraded program eg. My 7 Antispywares (see the bottom) they always leave a couple of files and Avast after an upgrade , but phisophically I simply press the Remove button

And in case my PC is overloaded with programs first I close all the apps and then when I have more resources then I open the firewall . For the record when I use the PC for the average jobs I have 1 to 4 files in My Pending Files


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I do the same - tens or even hundreds files waiting for my review every day - too much for me.

BTW below ‘Remove’ button there is ‘Lookup’, if you press it you can read “There are no items to show” :slight_smile: I had never seen another answer since last year november.


Already knows my answer when is Comodo going to add the disable button in the my pending files section.


PS. MiguelAngelXP Comodo has calm down now thanks buddy for your help (:WIN)


Hmm, I indeed I don’t know but, I’m glad that your COMODO is quiet, BTW there is now version, and you’re welcome for further queries

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IMO, it is definitely useful. I sometimes check it, then getting aware of files playing in my computer.


i think it’s not useful:
last time i looked at the files (there were more than 700 pending files)

the only thing i’ve done: mark all → remove.