Poll: Most Secure Web Browser

Hi All

Apologies if something like this already exists :). This is a poll for anyone to vote (expert or beginner). Which of the browsers mentioned is the most secure for web browsing or which do you think is. I’ve kept the poll to the main browsers so please inc. Chromodo, Dragon as Chrome and IceDragon as Firefox, etc.


Don’t actually know but I’m guessing chrome, think I read a test a year or more ago stating as much, but I can’t remember with. Although that’s of the big three.
Personally I like Vivaldi but I don’t know how good it is security wise, would like to know though.

Well same here Chrome seems pretty secure , but because doesn’t give to much flexibility I use Firefox(because of the add-ons).


Every updated browser is OK. (Comodo’s browsers are not secure. Thanks to old core base)
You can improve your security and privacy with add-ons. I prefer Chrome for security basis. Firefox is more privacy based with tweaked about:config settings. Just stay away from out-dated browser. Because even updated Chrome or Firefox releases have flaws. No need to use 3rd party browsers for its name. I hope you got my point. :-TU

I suggest you to Adblockers : uBlock Origin or Adguard
Encrypt the web : HTTPS Everywhere
Protect yourself from malicious sites : Avira Browser Safety + Bitdefender Trafficlight
Netcraft (optional) : if you do not know about phishing!

I hope these helps

I agree 100%, and was just about the same thing I was getting ready to post. Chrome may be more secure from exploits but I still vote Firefox.

+1 uBlock Origin

Hi Graham1,
Sorry I haven’t voted, most answers will be based on opinion only and not fact.
IMHO I say to much emphasis is put on the browser core causing unnecessary FUD, the core is the base only and many other factors come into play.
Good anti-malware solutions will keep you safer than what any browser can IMO.

Just my thoughts.

[ol]- Chromium 64-bit

  • Edge 64-bit
  • IE 64-bit (Enhanced Protected Mode) on Windows 10[/ol]

Did you just vote for MS Edge ? Most Secure ? On what statistics are you basing this. You know something the rest do not, and secure from whom ? Certainly not from data collection.

Not based on statistics but on what I know about its architecture/sandboxing.

I’m using Firefox, fast and secure. Chrome is quite slow…

Time to add Firefox to that list. It now has a good sandbox on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. They are all on what Mozilla calls Level 3. On Windows, there is also Level 4 currently in Trunk. https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Sandbox

I would still put Chromium at the top, on Windows, but the differences are not that big anymore. What OS, and version, the browser is run on probably means more, and that both browser and OS are fully up to date.

Firefox does not yet seem to support AppContainer, which is an important part of Edge’s sandbox and also supported by Chromium, but not yet enabled by default in Chrome on Windows 10. Firefox, Edge and IE run content processes at low integrity level, while Chromium runs them at untrusted, the lowest level. Firefox and Chromium use more limits on the job object than Edge and IE.