Poll: Listening Ports

I really miss CFP not showing listening ports anymore :'(. This was a feature that I liked in SKPF4 ;D. Anyone else feel the same?



May I modify your poll to include “Optional”?

No problem, go ahead.


Looks like the “Optional” option is winning… ;D


I assume by optional, you mean filtering by connection (i.e all connections, listening, inbound, outbound, etc). If so, I would like to see that also ;D.


Oh, I wouldn’t go “assuming” anything. :wink: Although your suggestion is a nice one, there.

I was thinking, perhaps even “presuming” that by optional it meant the option to have those connections shown, or not shown.


Since the poll was Yes, No & Don’t Care… then Optional is the ability to switch between Yes & No. :slight_smile:

I’d rather vote on a pool contains the following:

Do you want the close feature back?

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, of course!
  3. Yes, how i suppose to live without it?
  4. I don’t think anyone would choose No, nor do i!
  5. It’s a feature, no less, no bug, no more, but a good feature. So yes, our world and The Mighty Goose Knights would need this possibility in the name of our famous Rotfl King of the Lol Kingdom, whose name is Liver, King Goose Liver.


So you could say that “optional” is also a yes (in a way) ;D.


Edit: Btw, having no “no’s” is a good sign. Maybe Comodo will add this feature back in ;).

Sure we will add. No problems. The Close button will also come back.

Hurray! :slight_smile:

Good man, many thanks for this. :BNC


Awesome :).