Poll: Just curious: Windows Vista or...

i never dare to try MS’ new thing. even its mature 1 also suks, best example? IE7.

for a laptop user, Vista is totally stupid waste.

i definitely will try linux on my old desktop one time.

I see no reason either to downupgrade. I don’t mind using my abundant resources if I get something in return, but I don’t like useless graphics features. I had Win98 for a long time and it was a nightmare, had to format the main partition every few months. WinXP is the first properly working OS that MS has made since DOS in my uneducated opinion. I’ll stick to it until I’m actually forced to change.

But the same goes for Linux. I’m sure it’s very good but as long as XP works I see no reason to switch, especially since I don’t have a clue about it. And even an IT engineer friend of mine who strongly prefers Linux has Windows installed, maybe only for games I don’t know. I already tried virtualization software for other purposes though and thought about trying Linux there for fun and maybe to learn, but I haven’t found the time since then. Some day.