Poll: Just curious: Windows Vista or...

I’m just curious. Assuming you now run a Windows based OS, what would you rather do, upgrade to Vista, switch to a Linux distro (if so, which one) or buy a Mac. Perhaps you will even stay with your current OS (which) and are happy?

Just for fun :slight_smile:

Still I can’t afford the hardware requirements of Vista. I mean to get to the sweet spot you need 4Gig Ram (phew!) And Core 2 Duo is a must. And when considering the latest Hard Drive Mechanisms supported by Vista It’s better to wait till prices come down. And also wait till Vista becomes a “STABLE” version. And not forgetting the fact that not all the software we use support Vista

And I heard somebody saying that you can’t play music without copyright protection. Dint look into this though…

If you are looking for a Linux Distro I d say its “ubuntu”. It’s simply great whether it’s Desktop or Server that you need to run.

For the moment I’m happy with my XP Pro. Why do we always run after “flashy” things!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

I’m with you Damitha
Could not justify the upgrade costs for vista. Would have to throw the lot out the window and it’s only 2 years old.

For the moment I'm happy with my XP Pro. Why do we always run after "flashy" things!
Funny thing, I remember my first upgrade from win3.1 to 95. That was a big deal. Then went from 95 to 98. Stuck with 98 up till last year. Ha! I said "who needs xp". But must admit xp was a good move. I think I'll wait and see how many vista service packs come out in the next 12 months. ;)

I really don’t care about operating systems, as long as they are secure (or I can make them secure) and they can run the applications I need to run to get done what I need to get done. I still have an old 386 running Novell DOS 7 to run a specific app. It runs it beautifully and hasn’t been turned off or reset for 9 and a half years and it’s just humming along.

Ewen :slight_smile:

That brings back memories. They built em well in those days. You would be lucky to get one of todays power supplies to last 9 1/2 years :slight_smile:

FYI there were already 2 related Vista polls:

Sticking with XP. No reason to waste system resources :P. Even if I was willing to change it’ll have to prove stable and reputable for at least a year to catch my interest.

Sticking with XP Pro for now. I see no reason to upgrade (and can’t afford to anyway). No Mac either - I’ve used MS for so long, Mac is not intuitive for me; and can’t afford anyway. Linux, well, I’m interested, but concerned about software compatibility issues; in general, it’s just easier to stick with the status quo than change anything… ;D


Why not change your nic to Little XP then?

Because the name Nomenclature, Pseudonym, Common, US Army, Regular, has nothing to do with computers (or fast-food chains). Besides, “Little XP” really makes no sense, does it? :smiley:


“would rather have a Mac or Linux”
Not would rather, but i am going for GNU/Linux. I’m done with Windows, do not trust it, and i do not own it.
I’ll be using XP for a while, and keep an image of it just in case.

Trust, my friends, is something earned. Not marketed.

Will that come first or CFP 3? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see anything about CFP supporting Linux and I do recall you were interested in CFP 3, no?

Does anyone know anything about the “Google OS”. There is/was a rumor, that they are planning on it.Now that would be a class act. When you think about the products that they have delivered up to now!

I am going to use XP for awhile. Some things i need to do while in XP. I have to learn the alternative for GNU. How do i do that: VirtualBox, the best install you can do for home educational purposes :). You download whatever distro, and install it in the VM. You don’t leave Windows for that, nor dual boot.

Comodo is a great FW, but it does not influence me on OS choice. The OS does.
Comodo will always be installed on my XP.

There’s always Trustix for me to take a peak.

Oh yeah. Forgot about about all these fancy virtualization software and gizmos (:NRD)…

I too, will be sticking with XP for the foreseeable future. To be honest, I can see no reason to make the move, its hardware requirements are well beyond me and its DRM bugs me.

I have had ubuntu running on another box for sometime and its pretty cool, just wish I could play the games I like under that OS.


P/S. sorry Soya, didn’t notice the other polls.

NP. Since this one has different poll choices, it can remain open.

I stick with XP.

Actually, for my office, we’ve migrated to Windows 2003.

Now, for you guys knowing Ubuntu, is it the same except GUI, with Kubuntu?

I prefer KDE than Gnome.

You can get KDE in Ubuntu AFAIK.
Which brings the question, of what exactly is Kubuntu.
Maybe it’s because it simply does not have gnome or xfce.


I use Kubuntu 6.10 (which is Ubuntu but with KDE instead of Gnome) and I use Windows XP Professional.

I am working hard to start to transition all of my Windows files over to Linux as most will run on Linux.

Just installed a Linux distro on my 2nd HD at home this weekend, and have begun playing with that. Interesting. Looks like I should be able to do most, if not all, of what I want. Will begin a new thread for some input on that topic.