POLL: Do you use a AV with Comodo Firewall & Defense+ or not?

I use the AV, but I believe it is the component that needs the most attention/improvement from Comodo.

Using the full suite with AV. It’s good to have the extra layer just in case of a judgment error by yours truly.

I use the suite less the sandbox as i also use shadow defender, as it does what is says on the tin!.The point of the Av/d+ ect is to notify me of any intrusion, keylogger, trojan info stealer ect, and i dont bother cleaning with av now as remnants can be left behind by most avs and a click with Shadow defender takes it back as if the malware had never existed, 100% clean.


Happily using full suite here on both my machines.


Firewall, Defense+, no AV, no SB (disabled), proactive config, safe modes (for point-and-click ;D)

Especially taking into account its real-time (“on-access”) scanner fidgets on hdd surface all the time :cry:

Signed 8)

Full suite.

without AV.

COMODO is a great firewall, but in AV tests I read it has never reached more than average.
Avast is a great AV tool. So using COMODO firewall and Avast free I think I have the best choice I can get for free.
Avast has protected me against a virus in a fake rundll32.exe located in the temporary directory. Defense+ just asked me whether firefox may start rundll32.exe - not saying, where this file was located. (I should have checked first, but you know … So I allowed - and Avast popped up. It turned out to be a virus.
There are several good free AV programs. So I never understood why COMODO started another one.

I use CIS as a full suite,

AV On Demand Mode
Firewall Custom Policy Mode
Defense+ Paranoid Mode
Sandbox Active

I’m using the full suite with AV and Sandbox

AV Stateful
Firewall Safe Mode
Defense+ Safe Mode (Image Execution Control Level - Aggresive)
Sandbox Active

I have been using the full suite CIS4 complete for the past week so far so good no problems.

Full suite

AV Stateful
Firewall Safe Mode
Defense+ Safe Mode
Sandbox Active

Is there a reason not to set it to Stateful?

I thought it was just as safe, but more efficient.

Using the full suite :-TU

cis full suite with default settings

cis 4.1 full suite with default settings. Have this on 2 Win7 32 bit systems without any problems. :-TU

I only use firewall
I also use Shadow Defender so I dont think D+ is necessary
then I even break the guard of avira because I think the Shadow is enough!
every month I will run windowsupdate and scan the PC with avira&a-squared Free

AV should be used

  1. CIS’s whitelist is not big enough.
  2. AV should be used to avoid passing and spread of virus. Even linux systems are installing AV now to avoid virus spreading to windows systems.

Comodo Firewall free

Firewall: Custom Policy Mode
Defense+: Paranoid Mode
Sandbox: Enable

And below my sig tell a lot more :wink:

  1. https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/comodo-cloud-scanning-t57552.0.html

It’s not implemented yet and don’t help stop spreading of virus.